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Clash Royale Goblin Barrel Freeze Deck

Updated on July 17, 2016


A very versatile unit which can shift from defense to offense very well. Use it to stop swarms and tank for lower healthed units. When coupled with a freeze, it can deal with any ground push.


A very deadly spell if timed correctly. Even after the nerf which shaved off one second of its freeze time, it still proves its worth in battle. On offense use it to freeze the tower and other defending units allowing your fast and hard hitting units to make short work of them. On defense, couple it with the Valkyrie or Minion Horde to shred apart any pushes your opponent tries.


One of the best common cards in the game. Offers insane DPS for its elixir. Used to stop Princes, Mini Pekka, Pekka, Hogs, and other tanks. On offense send it behind your Valkyrie or Mini Pekka to push it to the tower. Use this card to bait out zap spells if necessary.

Goblin Barrel

The game winning card of this deck. There are many uses for this card, but don't waste it on defense unless u have to. Can be used to bait out a spell, as a goblin barrel will almost always force the opponent to play a card. When left alone it can deal a good couple hundred damage to the tower. If coupled with a freeze, it'll deal 3X that amount. (Another use is to taunt your opponent after the game by sending it all the way to the corner and giving them the laughing emote!)

Minion Horde

6 hard hitting, fast, flying monsters. A very useful tank shredder, can be used to bait out a spell if necessary, but the goblin barrel is better suited for it. If left alone, it will deal insane damage to the tower. When coupled with the freeze, it will pull apart pushes.


A spell card offering various benefits for only 2 elixir, it can kill off goblins and spear goblins, and will leave minions at their last health so the tower can finsh them off. It will also stun its targets for a short period, allowing your units to give off one last hit. Can also be used to reset Sparky's and Royal Giants target.

Fire Spirts

Very useful little creatures. By launching them selves at enemies, they give off a mini explosion. Can be used to kill off Barbarians, Minions, Minion Hordes and other small troops. Excellent for backing up a push to ensure small troops won't get in the way.

Mini Pekka

My favorite card in the entire game. With outstanding DPS and moderate health, this guy is someone who must not be allowed to reach the tower, else it's game over. Its a natural born tank killer. Giant? No problem, 6 hits. Golem? No problem, 7-8 hits. Royal Giant? No problem, 6-7 hits. Mini Pekka is great for terrifying your opponents, theyll try to stop it at all costs, so be preprared for Barbs, Goblins, and Skeletons. A very useful push is Mini Pekka backed up by Fire Spirts. The Spirts will force the opponent to use a tankier card to defend against the Mini Pekka and the obvious answer for the opponent is the Barbarians. In that case, zap the Barbs and then the spirits will finish them off.

Goblin Freeze Gameplay

General Gameplan

First just open up by initiating a small push once your elixir reaches max. A Mini Pekka + Fire Spirits, or Valkyrie + Goblins. Try to see what cards the opponent has, especially their spell cards. After you have a good idea of what deck they use, start baiting they're spells and counter pushing. Basically, don't expect to finish off the tower with a single push, but slowly chip away at its health with many small to medium pushes. If you know they have a Royal Giant deck, start being more conservative with your Mini Pekka and save it when they place down the Royal Giant.

After successfully taking down one tower, you should focus on defending your towers. If you fail and they take a tower from you, it's a little more difficult securing another tower since you would have the King tower firing at your units.

Favorite Tanks

Which of these tanks do you like the most?

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