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Clash of Clans: Clan Wars- Running the War

Updated on December 30, 2014


Clash of Clan's Clan War feature is one of the best ways to have a fun, competitive environment in this game. Participating in these wars is very rewarding as there are very few other opportunities to earn the huge amounts of loot that is on offer in a war in 2 short battles. In the clan I was recently a part of, we had a very strong 13-1 win/loss ratio and I, personally, had a role in the leadership for several of these wars. In this guide I will be trying to help the aspiring leaders in the community to achieve the greatest results they possibly can for their clan.

I have split my ideas for this hub into several sections that I feel truly capture the skills required to lead your clan in war.


A solid strategy is one of the key things that is required to succeed in war. The tried and tested strategy that my clan went with was for every member in the clan to attack their opposite number in the war. Due to the matchmaking short that Supercell currently has in place, it is very likely that everyone in the war will be attacking someone that they have a good chance of beating. This first attack should, preferably, be within the first few hours of the war. This means that, for everyone's second attack, they have a chance to clean up bases that were not 3 starred on the first attack. This strategy means that everyone has a chance to attack a base that they should be able to get a reasonable score against and then try to get a few extra stars on the second half of the attacks. Priority should obviously go to the bases that have been 0 or 1 starred. It is very important that your clan mates realise that they are not trying to 1 star high level bases to get more loot, they are working to get more stars so that the clan as a whole gets more loot. The main job for you, as one of the leaders of the clan, is to ensure that everyone in the clan knows and understands the format you are taking for the war, regardless of whether or not you are using the strategy I detailed above. If no one is confused about their job in war then you should find yourself success. An important thing to make sure that your clan realises, especially when you consider going for high level bases to get loot, is that the war isn’t over until the timer runs out. I was once, personally, part of a war where we had a 10 star advantage going into the last 30 seconds of the war. At the end of the war, they had 2 more stars than us and clutched the victory. Although this is an extreme example, this sort of thing can and will happen. What this also shows is that if lots of you plan to wait for the last few minutes of a war to attack, you can bait some members of the enemy clan to attack higher bases for loot rather than actually going for stars.



A key factor in war is donations. There are 2 different stages of donations, the defensive stage and the offensive stage. You should never attack when you do not have a full Clan Castle and every clan castle on your half of the war map should be filled, even with just some last minute low level archers. For defence, a mixture of wizards and archers can usually bring success in war, however, a dragon can really mess with your opponents army and a Valkyrie can really screw over low level people who don’t know how to kite her or think that a lightning spell will finish her. For offensive donations, it is key that people ask for a specific type of troop that they need, as different bases can be attacked in different ways for varying levels of effectiveness. Also, ensure that everyone in your clan knows that it is fine to ask for advice in war, even going as far as asking someone for an army composition and strategy for attack.

Activity Levels

Due to how frequently wars can be won simply because the opposing clan does not have many active members, it is important that you plan wars in advance so that people know when they need to come back onto their game too attack. Because of how long some upgrades take( looking at you, Spell Factory) for a building that is essential to attacks, it allows people to plan ahead so that they are at maximum effectiveness during the war.


Stinginess and Patience

In a war it is key that people aren’t stingy. Donate your highest level troops even if you think it is a waste of elixir, the potential loot can be really high, because of these troops. For your individual attack, actually take the time out to plan your attack, rather than just going in with a generic army composition. Some bases, for example, are particularly vulnerable to hog attacks if they don’t have many gaps in their base for giant bombs and others may be more suitable for air attacks if their X-Bows are pointing down. It is important to survey the battlefield before attacking, rather than halfway through your attack time. You should also wait, if you need to, for your heroes and high level troops. Attacking those 30 minutes later shouldn’t have much negative impact on the war so there is no point in not waiting.

A Final Word

As one of the leaders of the clan it is essential that you utilize your clan mail feature. Everyone needs to know the format to avoid frustration and needs to know that they can ask for help and advice whenever they need, as winning the war benefits everyone in your clan that participated. Remember and tell them that it is half loot if you lose the war so everyone needs to be on top form to be able to actually win the war and take home these massive amounts of loot.


Thanks for reading this hub! If you enjoyed it please don't hesitate to leave a comment below. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them and if you have any points of improvement for me I would be happy to hear your criticism.

Thanks! :)


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