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Clash of Clans Tips and Guide For Making the Best Village

Updated on January 4, 2014


This will be my first of many guides that will teach you how to play, and have the most success when playing Clash of Clans. I will go through many different aspects of the game, starting in this guide with tips for starting out and building a city. I will talk about what you should, and should not do to have the most success when playing Clash of Clans. I will also talk about how to make the most money, when to build certain village pieces, what to upgrade first, and how to attack other enemies. If you enjoy this guide, please check out my others, or follow me on Twitter @Johnrr631992 where I will post my other guides as I create them. Also you can ask me questions in the comments below if you have anywhere I will respond whenever I can.

What is Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular Iphone, and apps available across many tablet, and phones. This game requires that you build a city, form alliances, and try to claim your place in the ranks of the best. With that, it takes a lot of time, and effort to create a great city, but at the same time, there are ways to play the game smart to give yourself the best chances of success in the long run. I will talk about many of these below, and will try to give you the best chances of success overall.

Tips for Starting out

Starting out may be one of the most difficult parts of playing Clash of Clans, but at the same time, if you do things right, you should have the best chances of success. So let me jump right into the tips.

FIRST - The first tip refers to building your town hall in the center of your city. You will go against some players who put the town hall on the outside, and this is an easy loss for opponents attacking your city, but this is not a good strategy if you are trying to accurately defend against opponents. I personally suggest putting your town hall on the inside, along with your storage facilities here as well. This will give most protection to your most valuable assets.

Second - Don't Upgrade your town hall immediately. Before you upgrade your town hall each time, you should focus on maxing out all the defenses you can before upgrading. As you upgrade your town hall you open yourself up to many more defenses, but if you are not prepared and have defenses set up, you will constantly be attacked and will have a significantly tougher time saving money, than if you upgraded everything early on.

Third - Don't worry about your league, and trophies in the beginning. When I first started playing, I thought that was most important, and I fought my way all the way into the crystal league. It took a few days, and I didn't have good troops, but attacked weak villages. Eventually I realized that every time my shield was down I was getting cleaned out, and I was losing a LOT of money. Therefore I purposely lost a LOT more battles and brought my rank back down to a very low league, while I have been upgrading. I wish I had not went to the crystal league at all because I lost a lot of important time not upgrading what was most important. Now I only worry about upgrading and I am slowly increasing my way back up in the league rankings. But as I said, do not focus on this immediately in the beginning.

Fourth - Max out your gold and elixir generators. These are what will make most of your income. Therefore maxing these out early, can help you the greatest in the long run. All of my gold and elixir creators are fully maxed out, and allow me to generate upwards of 500K of both elixir, and gold each day with the boost on.

Fifth - Play the solo campaign. While the solo campaign does not offer great rewards in the beginning, the harder ones offer a decent amount of coins, and will not hurt your shield while this is up. I would suggest only doing the solo campaign while you are itching to attack a village and your shield is up. I can also say that it does not require a lot of skill to play these, as I have been able to attack all the way to the last two villages with just my archers. While they are level 5, they still tore through all of the solo campaigns, and allowed me to beat each one.

Sixth - Focus more on defense than on attack. Focusing on attacking is fine later on, and will help win battles, but this does nothing for protecting your village. In the beginning focus heavily on your defenses to ensure that you can defend against any attackers, and worry about your attack later.

Seventh - If you purchase gems, use them wisely. I have purchased, and tend to purchase gems from time to time. The biggest mistake some people make is wasting their gems. These should be focused on boosting your gold/elixir producers. I would also suggest buying more workers to be able to build more things at once. I have 5 workers always working, and upgrading. I would suggest also buying coins if needed with gems if you will use them to upgrade equipment, or buy new equipment, but do not allow these to simply sit in your bank otherwise you leave yourself open to allowing enemy villages to take more coins when they attack. Also don't waste gems on finishing work unless you have an abundance on gems. You can always put down Clash of Clans and come back, but it cost money to get more gems, therefore I would suggest saving these as long as you can.


Overall Clash of Clans is a fun and very addicting game. When I first downloaded this a few months ago, I could not put my phone down. At the same time, there are many things that I would have done differently from where I am at now. None the less, I will continue posting more guides to help you guys out, so if you enjoyed this, don't forget to check out my other work, by clicking on my profile at the top of the page.


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