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Clash of Clans - Top 10 Tips From Godson and Chief Pat

Updated on October 24, 2016

Clash of Clans is by far the most popular game within the Supercell franchise. For those who are playing it for the first time, or for those who wish to do better on a new account being created, keep the following tips in mind in order to get the most out of Clash of Clans!

Tip 1: Spells, Troop Placement Are Important

Make sure you are using lightning spells in places that will take out your opponent's defenses, and use the rage spell to speed up your troops in order to get them closer to the town hall.

Tip 2: Don't Rush Your Town Hall

Many new players try to upgrade their town hall as quickly as possible to get access to more buildings. What they don't realize is that when you upgrade your townhall, you get less loot from raiding other players who are at a lower level than you.

Tip 3: Patience. Don't Rush Into Battle

When attacking, don't rush into battle without checking your levels of troops and the status of your heroes. Before you attack someone, make sure your heroes are in good health, and you have enough troops to feasibly take on the base you are attacking.

Otherwise, you run the risk of raiding a base without enough troops to be able to survive the battle.

Tip 4: Gems Are Premium Currency - Don't Spend Early

You get 250 gems at the start of the game. Do not use up your gems in the early stages of the game (even when you are instructed to use your gems during the game tutorial). Save your gems for adding more builders. This will make it much easier to build up your base in later stages of the game.

Tip 5: Use Heroes Last Not First

Don't put your heroes in first. Most players want to use their heroes first because they are super strong, but it is actually better to use your heroes last since they can do enough damage to your opponent's base to have the battle go your way (your raid will be scored as a victory if you can get at least one star).

Tip 6: Resources > Trophies

New players come into this game thinking that their main goal is to get trophies, and almost completely neglect gaining resources. Resources are what you use to build up your buildings and your defenses

REMEBER - If your base is defeated when it is attacked, you will lose trophies. It is definitely a good idea to make sure your base has strong defenses in place before you are attacked by another player.

Tip 7: Check Collectors For Extra Loot

The storage buildings seem like the best place to go when raiding a base for resources, but it is actually better to check the collectors first - more often than not, they contain more loot than you think.

Tip 8: Be Efficient With Your Army Compositions

If you use barbarians, archers, and goblins when you raid, you will find you will end up with much more profit from your raid than using most other characters.

Barbarians are tough, and work well in a group. Archers can shoot building structures from a distance which means they are more likely to take out a target before the surrounding defenses are activated. And goblins move fast as they raid the resource buildings on your opponent's base.

KEEP IN MIND - the more you upgrade your goblins, the faster they move.

Tip 9: Funnel Your Troops Into Your Base

Most people fail to put their clan castle in the center of their base, not realizing that the clan castle serves as the defense of the base. Putting your clan castle towards the middle of your base will make it much easier, overall, to defend it.

FOR CLARIFICATION - your clan castle is where you house troops that have been donated to you while your town hall is the building that you upgrade to gain access to more buildings and heroes.

Tip 10: Join A Clan And Get Involved

By joining a clan, you will be able to receive troop donations from other Clash of Clans players (and return the favor as well). This comes in very handy when you are defending your base from a raid, or when you go into battle.

Not to mention, joining a clan makes playing the game much more fun since it makes it that much easier for you to socialize with other players.

Clash of Clans - In Conclusion

The main thing to remember when playing Clash of Clans is that patience is a virtue.

Take out the time to make sure you have plenty of troops before going into battle and that your heroes are strong and healthy. In this game, there are few things worse (or more embarrassing) than missing out on getting one star simply because you didn't make sure you had enough troops available before heading into battle.

Also, focus more on building up your defenses before you focus on attacking other players for trophies. Regardless of who you are, everyone gets attacked sometimes. It is better to make sure your base is well defended than it is to put all your attention on attacking other players.

Again - if you lose in a raid on your base, you will also lose trophies.

Do all you can to make it as difficult as possible for your opponents to score any stars on you whenever your base is being raided.

Play Smart - Be Prepared - Win!


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