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Clash of Clans Town Hall 9 Upgrade Order

Updated on August 21, 2016
The latest loading screen from Town Hall 11 Update.
The latest loading screen from Town Hall 11 Update.

Hey clashers everywhere in the world, so your a maxed Town Hall 8 and trying to decide what to do when you go to Town Hall 9. I got your backs. This order is for war based players as I said. The reason is because in Town Hall 9 your weight will rise by each building you upgrade or buy. Weight means your ranking in war. For example: the Xbows may raise you by 3 or 4 rankings making you at the top getting harder players to face and harder defenses to breach and you still have level 5 Giant and Level 2 Golem.

The Archer Queen

First, buy the strongest and best unit in the game which is the Archer Queen. Don't let her walk around all the time upgrade her over and over till level 10. Now both heroes are level 10, upgrade either one to 15 than the other one to level 15 and so on till maxing them out in Town Hall 9.


Your lab is one of the important buildings upgrading it gives the chance to upgrade your troops. Which troops are you going to upgrade first ?

1) Barbarian: Cheap and used for farming.

2) Archer: Most requested troop in the Clan Castle and used also for farming.

3) Giant: Honestly I love the Giant. Level 6 Giant is one of the biggest upgrade you'll want to make using in Giant-Healer or GiBarch.

4) Hogs: Level 5 Hogs can tear bases apart. You can donate him in Clan Castle and use him in war.

5) Golem: Upgrading the Golem is important not for his damage per second but for his hitpoints.

6) Valkyrie: They used to be bad and awful but now with the recent updates the Valkyrie can take out most bases with ease and is used in war alot.

7) Healing Spell: Just max out this spell.

8) Balloon: Use the Balloon in Lavaloonian in war or multiplayer gameplay as you wish and also they are good Clan Castle troops.

Then upgrade whatever you like.

Clan Castle

Although it costs most of your Storages (5,000,000) gold, but it is the most powerful building in the game and increased space for 30 units can give you troops you don't own.

The Spell Factory

Upgrading it gives you access to the Jump Spell and Freeze Spell which are very helpful in War and Multiplayer. Although it gives you access to new 2 spells it still increases it's capacity by 2.

Dark Spell Factory

Upgrade it and it'll give you the Haste spell which just increases the speed of a troop and is used on slow troops not the Goblins and Minions. Use the Haste spell with Giants or Balloons as you wish.

Army Camps

Army Camps are the space in which your units are stored for battle. Upgrade each one and it will give you and additional 20 units space which are very essential.

Barracks and Dark Barracks

Upgrading the normal elixir Barracks gives you a new troop: the Baby Dragon. And the Dark Barracks gives you 2 new troops: the Witch and Lava Hound. Both are very important to upgrade your offense.

Dark Elixir Collectors and Storages

Dark elixir collectors can be maxed out in Town Hall 9 to level 6. You can farm 3600 dark elixir daily from the collectors alone. And storages can hold more loot so you can upgrade your buildings and walls and troops and spells.


Upgrade your walls to level 9 only. Per wall it costs 1 million gold or elixir. You are given 25 additional walls and sums up 250,000,000 loot ( combined gold and elixir) to just upgrade your walls.


Now upgrade your defenses in any way you like but I recommend splash defenses ( Mortar, Wizard Tower). Then Air defenses then Teslas then Traps then Archer Tower then Cannon


Upgrade them to level 10 which costs about 500,000,000 loot (again combined gold and elixir). Per wall cost about 2,000,000 gold or elixir.

Bottom Line: I recommend this strategy for anyone who is war based and it is called Town Hall 8.5 cause you have Town Hall 8 defenses and Town Hall 9 troops.


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