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Classic Album Covers in Lego

Updated on March 14, 2011

Over the years loads of people have attempted to recreate anything from the real or imaginary world in little block shaped bits such as famous monuments, ships, planes, scenes from movies. However nothing is more satisfying than recreating your favourite Classic Album covers in true Lego styleee.

There are numerous examples of peoples devotion to their favourite artists as well as their skills with Lego with a little bit of Photoshop help to keep you entertained for hours. This is my tribute to all those talented Lego artistes out there who have devoted a moment of their day to recreate some truly great and iconic album artwork.

Nirvana - Nevermind

One of the truly great albums of all time and also one of the most iconic album covers of all time is Nirvana's Nevermind. The image of the underwater baby and the 100 dollar bill on a fishing line is probably one of the most recognisable covers of recent times.

It has been lovingly recreated here with blue swimming pool and bald minifigure adn even see through lego bricks to signify the water surface. A great interpretation of a great album.

Nevermind was definitely surfing ahead of its time and started a whole new wave of grunge interpreters. Sadly due to the premature death of main inspiration Kurt Cobain Nirvana were snuffed out before they could truly reach their full potential, byt Nevermind is still there as a reminder of what could have been.

Nirvanas Nevermind for sale on Amazon

Definitely Maybe - Oasis

One of the truly great slices of Britpop is the debut album from Oasis - Definitely Maybe. They burst onto the scene with this loud and brash album and the album cover again has stayed long in the memory.

Therefore its hardly surprising that someone has gone to all the trouble of replicating this cover in Lego and even updating the Manchester City player in the process. A wonderful piece of work.

Again a band that surfed a new wave this time of Britpop, who else can remember the 90's when Oasis' cocky swagger seemed to be everywhere. Their belligerance and sheer self belief in their own greatness was not everyones cup of tea but for many it was the soundtrack of quite a few summers when Brittania was Cool Brittania and the Brits could beat anyone (except at Football).

Oasis' Definitely Maybe for sale on Amazon

Born In The USA - Bruce Springsteen

Born In The USA or Born in the LEGO as this album says was Bruce's mainstream album as well as his often misunderstood personal attack on his country, it was a touch too subtle for many politicians who tried to use the title track as a jingoistic anthem when it was in fact a bitter diatribe against the Vietnam War and its forgotten vets.

This Lego Album Cover is quite a simplistic work of art but still wonderfully executed all the same.

This was perhaps the commercial peak for the Boss and perhaps he felt disillusioned after this all encompassing success because he never quite got as commercial again and has since concentrated on music that satisfies himself without a thought for commercial niceties.

Born in the USA available on Amazon

Andy Warhol - Velvet Underground with Nico

Andy Warhol by The Velvet Underground with Nico is another truly iconic album cover. The simplicity of the artwork belies the nature of the music enclosed. But the cover is almost Andy Warhol doing a pastiche of Andy Warhol.

And what could be more Warholesque than a Lego version of this cover which simply means having a simple yellow Lego banana from a Lego set and thats it. Minimalist but fantastic.

The album had the all important ".. and Nico" at the end just in case people werent too sure who Warhols muse was at the time. The music again is distinctive and ground breaking.

Velvet Undergrounds Andy Warhol available on Amazon

Is This It - The Strokes

Is This It or Is This Brick by The Strokes is a more contemporary classic album cover and also has a slightly more minimalist design that is crying out to be done in Lego. A great album of great songs made by a band just starting out and playing like hell for each other.

This Lego version of the album cover although simple has been created with meticulous thought, down to the sweat on the body and the jaunty black arm resting on the thigh. Thankfully they didnt try and copy the original artwork of a very psychedelic pattern which I reckon would be beyond most lego artists.

The Strokes Is This It for sale on Amazon

The Wall - Pink Floyd

Pink Floyds The Wall is another classic album crying out to be converted into Lego just by its name and design. Whilst the album wasn'y universally well received on release the artwork was instantly recognisable and has stood the test of time.

This Lego creation is an amazing piece of art created by Le Gogh who has a website showcasing his work at The full mosaic is a 64 by 64 stud artwork that uses gray plates as the mortar between the bricks and black plates for the writing. A genius work of art.

The Wall was Roger Waters at his most paranoic and psychotic, by now he had assumed full control of the band and the songs were in the main his compositions based around Waters' concept. The stage shows where a huge wall was built between the band and the audience was a huge symbolic gesture of Waters disillusionment with the circus that surrounds groups and the merry go round of album, album, tour, album, tour etc.

Pink Floyds The Wall available on Amazon

One Step Beyond - Madness

"Don't Play That! Play This! It's the Heavy Heavy Monster Sound! One Step Beyond!" So started one of the great albums of the ska revival in the late 70's. Along with fellow Two Tone artists The Specials and Selector, Madness got people up and dancing again and enjoying the music. It was crammed full of music that you just couldnt help but enjoy.

One Step Beyond by Madness is one of my all-time favourites. The Nutty Boys from South London were one of the bright sparks of the late 70's and early 80's with their ska influnced music. Their album covers also were always worth a laugh in particular this first album with all 7 Maddies all lined up.

This Lego replica again is a simple idea perfectly executed with great attention to detail to get the clothes colours correct.

Madness One Step Beyond for sale on Amazon

Man of Colours - Icehouse

Man Of Colours by Icehouse was a wonderful 80's Australian album by the great Iva Davies and also had wonderfully simple but evocative album artwork.

This album cover has again been wonderfully reproduced in Lego with the addition of the correct facial expression on the simple white minifigure and the three different coloured "flowers".

Iva Davies the main man of Icehouse was a true artist that never really got the recognition he deserved, who else could be responsible for such a searching and evocative "national" anthem as Great Southern Land. Mention to any Aussie of a certain vintage and they'll start humming it.

Icehouse Man of Colours available on Amazon

Highway 61 Revisited - Bob Dylan

Of course no classic album list would be complete without a Dylan album and the cover of Highway 61 Revisited is one of Dylans most recognisable covers. It really captures the mid 60's bohemian atmosphere.

This Lego representation of Highway 61 revisited is superb. They even have the Dylan quiff just right as well as the painstaking work in getting his shirt psychedelic enough. But for me the absolute winner is the oversize camera that the guy behind is "carrying" that is held up with white bricks.

Highway 61 Revisited available on Amazon

It's Not Me Its You - Lily Allen

Another of my favourites from recent years is the Lily Allen album Its Not Me Its You which probably doesnt really fit into the Classic Album tag unless one is being extremely generous, but the album artwork itself is great. A giant letter L with the lady herself lounging all over it.

The Lego version is a faithful replica although the Lily minifigure has rather stumpy legs, not something that Ms Allen could be accused of.

Its Not Me Its You is Lily at her cheery chirpy cockney or rockney best. It also includes of course her breakthrough hit The Fear which nonchanantly doffs a hat towards sixties London with its Luluesque feel to it.

It's Not Me, It's You available on Amazon

The Holy Bible - Manic Street Preachers

The Manic Street Preachers third album and last featuring guitarist Richey James before his disappearance is a masterpiece and the album artwork is also fairly striking with its warts and all depiction of a large lady in her underwear. Not your average fair to attract listeners.

The Lego replica of The Holy Bible has gone with a bit too much Legoey humour for mine, The Lego Street Preachers I can go with, but Legoly Bible? Anyway the large lady is well reproduced with a very impressive pink bust and disturbing smile.

Manic Street Preachers available on Amazon

Ace of Spades - Motorhead

And finally Lemmy Kilminster's finest hour, The Ace of Spades by Motorhead. Uncompromising is probably an understatement. This is fast, furious, meaty and mean. The album cover perfectly illustrates the "music" encapsulated as these tough leather clad hombres scowl down from their perch.

The Lego version of Ace of Spades is wonderful too. Whilst Lemmy and Fast Eddie have been given completely black faces, Phillthy Animal has one of the best lego hair and beard styles I've seen for a while.

Motorheads Ace of Spades available on Amazon


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