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Classic Beatles Album Covers in Lego

Updated on March 14, 2011

One of the great treats of Lego is to be able to recreate anything from the real world in little block shaped bits and nothing is more satisfying than recreating your favourite Classic Album covers in true Lego styleee.

There are numerous examples of peoples devotion to their favourite artists as well as their skills with Lego with a little bit of Photoshop help to keep you entertained for hours. And what better genre to interpret than those iconic Beatles Album covers. Most Beatles Album covers are now so well known that they have been pastiched by many other artistes and in many other genres. For instance Abbey Road has been copied by countless bands "Paying Homage" to the cover as well as there even being a Simpsons version of the Album Cover. This is my tribute to all those Lego artistes out there that are also Beatles fans.

So Lego plus the Beatles plus album covers equals Lego Beatles Album Covers.

Please Please Me

The first Beatles album to be released was Please Please Me and featured the iconic image of the Beatles peering down from an upper floor in a tower block that would be reimagined for the 1962-66 and 1967-70 compilations. This great reinterpretation includes the clever version of Lego Me Do and correct even down to Ringo's quiff on the left.

This is where the Mop Tops started out and features quite a few Lennon and McCartney originals as well as a number of covers of songs from their Hamburg days. Who would have known where it was going to after this debut.

Please Please Me CD available on Amazon

With The Beatles

With the Beatles was the second Beatles studio album released and featured that classic black and white shaded shot that is almost synonymous with the early Beatles as shot by Stuart Sutcliffe's German girlfriend Astrid Kirchherr.

This is recreated faithfully in this Lego Album Cover even down to the rather quizzical look on Paul McCartneys face. This album may well have included All My Legoing or Roll Over Blockhoven.

With The Beatles CD available on Amazon

A Hard Day's Night

One of the truly great Beatles Album Covers, A Hard Days Night was the third studio album and showed the four Beatles mugging up to the camera. This cover has been much imitated over the years. The album title allegedly came from an unintentional Ringo-ism after they had finished a long working evening that was apparently "A Hard Days Night".

This Lego Beatles Album Cover is another labour of love with all the different facial expressions in place. There was obviously the difficulty in replicating John's hand binoculars due to the rather immobile nature of the hands of the Lego Minifigure. This one may well have included Can't Buy Me Lego.

Hard Days Night CD and Film available on Amazon

Beatles For Sale

The fourth Mop Top studio album Beatles for Sale was that sort of inbetween period before they went all Arty and were just moving away from your Mum's favourite boy next door band. The autumnal feel still in their stage suits signifys a bit of an end of an era.

The Lego version of Beatles for Sale captures the whole innocence vibe quite nicely. This album contained a plethora of Lego inspired tracks such as I'm a Legoer and Baby's in Block.

Beatles For Sale CD's on Amazon


Help! was the fifth Beatles studio album and the soundtrack to their second movie really saw the group starting to expand their style. The album artwork again is iconic with the four members supposedly spelling Help in Flag semaphore although what they are actually spelling in NUJV as this looked better.

Help would not have been an easy Album Cover to pull off in Lego, due to the stiff arm nature of minifigures but it has been achieved with impressive results. This album of course includes You've Gotta Hide Your Lego Away and Brick It To Ride.

Help! CD and Film available on Amazon

Rubber Soul

Rubber Soul was the sixth studio album made by The Beatles and was the first album that they were allowed dedicated time in the studio to develop and record the music rather than chasing in and out between tours. Supposedly the streched appearance of the album cover was discovered accidentally as they were being shown slides of potential album artwork when one of the slides fell over at an angle producing the finished effect. This was also the first Beatles album not to include their name on the cover.

This Lego Album Cover I feel doesnt quite capture the feel of the original although it is a good representation all the same.

Rubber Soul CD's available on Amazon


Revolver was the seventh Beatles studio album and one of their most adventurous and is often regarded as one of the greatest achievements in rock music history. The album artwork was the work of friend and artist Klaus Voormann and was part illustration and line drawing and part collage and photographs.

The Lego Album Cover for Revolver has been achieved quite simply by superimposing lego faces over The Beatles line drawn face, although the over all appearance is much more impressive than it sounds. This one of course includes the Lego classics Eleanor Brickby, I'm Only Stacking, Lego You Too, And Your Brick Can Sing and Got To Get You Into My Lego.

Revolver CD's for sale on Amazon

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Sgt Pepper was the Beatles magnum opus and their eighth studio offering. This is the Beatles Album artwork that the Beatles are probably most famous for and the most imitated. The original idea was to create a scene that showed the Sgt. Pepper band performing in a park but this gradually evolved into the final format of The Beatles, as the Sgt. Pepper band, surrounded by a large group of lifesized cut-out figures of their heroes as well as wax-work figures of The Beatles borrowed from Madame Tussauds.

This album cover has been recreated in two recognisable formats the first where the lego minifigures are superimposed on the original album artwork, but then also some champion has recreated the whole artwork with minifigures for all the cutouts which I think is marvellous effort.

Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band CD's available on Amazon

The White Album

The ninth studio offering by The Beatles featured a plain white album cover with the words The Beatles embossed on them. Obviously this is pretty impossible to replicate in Lego.

This was lovingly sent up in the spof rockumentary "This is Spinal Tap" when their new album "Smeel The Glove" fails to pass the censors at the record company and so comes out in a plain black cover. As Nigel Tufnell sagely comments "How much more black can it be? None More Black that is my answer". Although David St Hubbins is more sanguine and comments that "It looks like death, you wear it as an armband, you don't stick it on your turntable!"

Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine was officially the tenth Beatles album although one full side was taken up with orchestral music from the animated film of the same name. This album did not get a very favourable reception due in part to the Beatles half-hearted attitude to it and the lack of new material. The cover depending on whether it is a UK or US release varies.

There are two lego variants to match the UK and US album covers. The UK version places Lego minifigures of the Fab Four on top of the original sleeve whereas the US version seems to have gone to alot more trouble actually faithfull rebuilding the yellow submarine as per the sleeve.

Yellow Submarine CD's and Film available on Amazon

Abbey Road

The penultimate Beatles Album although chronologically the last album recorded was Abbey Road. This again featured another iconic album cover that has been often mimiced and copied of the four Beatles walking in single file across the Zebra crossing on Abbey Road. Abbey Road was also the only original UK Beatles album sleeve to show neither the artist name nor the album title on its front cover.

The Lego version of the Abbey Road Album Cover is a very faithful replica with spot on minifigures representing each Beatle down to their clothes and hairstyle although Paul doesnot have bare feet.

Abbey Road CD's available on Amazon

Let It Be

The final Beatles Studio Album to be released was Let it Be and was released shortly after the break up of the band was announced. The recording was hampered throughout by the bickering and acrimony amongst the group.

The album still managed to include some of the bands most "bandlike" performances far more so than the previous efforts, Abbey Road and The White Album. It also of course really brings to the fore the genius of George Harrison as he contributes two of the best songs and two of the most covered Beatle songs.

Let It Be or Lego It Be has again been faithfully reproduced in Lego in 2 different versions, the first straight Let It Be cover has accurate representations of the Fab Four although George has a rather disturbing maniacal look on his face. The other "Lego It Be" features a slightly more vague representation of the finished masterpiece.

Let It Be CD available on Amazon


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