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ClayCraft, Minecraft Colored Bricks

Updated on May 15, 2011
The pretty colored blocks are pretty!
The pretty colored blocks are pretty!

Colored clay bricks. Huzzah! All the fun of bricks with all the fun of new and interesting colors. Really you don't need much more of a description than that, being of above average intelligence as you are, you can probably draw your own conclusions about what this mod entails. But for the sake of a pleasingly rounded article, I will elaborate. Why not bear with me whilst I do so? Or you can skip to the download link at the bottom of the article. It's totally up to you really.

Bricks have long been a source of angst for me personally. I loved them because they gave me a good alternative to smoothstone and cobblestone, but I also hated them because they always managed to look wildly out of place. Where the rest of the world and the buildings in it had an earthy, organic feel, bricks always stuck out like a sore thumb. Now with ClayCraft, those ugly red blocks can be fluorescent pink. An improvement in anyone's estimation, no?

To be more serious for a moment, ClayCraft provides a nice compliment to the range of dyed wool that is avaliable in the base game. ClayCraft adds a total of six new clay colors to the game, Black, White, Pink, Green, Blue and Yellow. What makes this mod really fun is the fact that these colored clays actually spawn naturally in your world – making it a much brighter and infinitely more fabulous place. If you can't be bothered searching for the right color clay, you can also dye clay using the dyes that already exist in game. I would explain that green dye + green clay makes green clay and so on and so on, but I feel that would be insulting to your superior intellect.

The range of creative possibilities unlocked with colored bricks is almost endless. Primarily I think they'll be very useful for recreating that 'public restroom' ambiance we all enjoy so much. Something about black and white bricks together transports me to another, much smaller reality infused with the tangy scent of ammonia. But enough about me. What about you? What will you do with these multicolored wonders? Will you build a fire proof rainbow? Will you create a work of post modern art that is lauded by Minecraft art critics everywhere?


Installation is super easy, but does require Mod Loader. (Pretty much all mods worth their salt do these days anyway. It's inescapable, so you might as well give in gracefully.)

Download ClayCraft


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