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Clockwords Prelude | Free Casual PC Word Game

Updated on November 12, 2009

Words are good. Words allow us to express ourselves. If we didn't have words, we would probably be stuck drawing pictures all of the time, which would make for a very image rich world, but one filled with scribbles everywhere. If you think graffiti is a problem now, just consider what life would be like if every spare inch of wall space had been scrawled on and we all had to walk around with whiteboards around our necks simply to be able to communicate anything. In emergencies, you would have to be alerted by massive flashing lights, or perhaps people would throw paint on you.

Clockwords is a PC game that celebrates words and puts them to new uses. It encourages you to build your vocabulary and provides a distinct advantage to those already endowed with a leviathan vocabulary.

Clockwords, a totally free game on Kongregate, is one very nice free word game that is incredibly innovative. The general premise of the game is this. You have to prevent some spiders from stealing secret documents. You do this by firing spider killing substances at them, but you can't fire anything until you type a word. Depending on what word you type, how long it is, whether or not it uses any bonus letters and that sort of thing, you will fire more or less spider killing material.

What this means is that you end up typing words as fast as possible, trying to use as many of the bonus letters as are available at that time. (It's kind of like Scrabble, except you don't have to use the bonus letters, you just have the option to.) As the game progresses, you earn points which allow you to synthesize low scoring letters into higher scoring letters with bigger and better bonuses. It may sound a wee bit confusing and at first you wonder why the designer bothered to do such a thing, then you realize that it actually adds a whole new dimension to the game and prevents it from becoming monotonous after the first few rounds.

A great deal of work has gone into the art of Clockwords. It truly is one of the better presented free games out there, being entirely slick and professional in every way. The music and sound effects add to the general ambiance, drawing you into the world of Clockwords ever more.

I said that the game will help to increase your vocabulary, and, yes, it will I suppose, but you have to watch out for the amnesia phenomenon. As spiders begin to scroll across the screen you may suddenly forget every word you ever knew. Staring blankly at the text bar you type 'dog', then 'cat', then 'dog' again, which is rejected because you can't use words twice in the same round. You'll start looking around the room and typing words like 'carpet' and 'bookshelf', or 'wood' and 'television'. Remembering words under pressure isn't as easy as you might think it is, but Clockwords will train you to think on your feet or suffer the ignominious loss of secrets.

This little free steampunk inspired game will keep you entertained for at least half an hour, and very possibly long into the night.


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