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Cookie Craft Mod Minecraft Cookie Recipes

Updated on May 6, 2011

Do you love cookies? Everybody loves cookies. One of the rarer additions to Minecraft was the cookie recipe, which appeared in the game with the 1.5 Beta update. To craft a cookie in the base game (ie, without using the cookie mod that the rest of this article will be about) you will need two bushels of wheat and one bunch of cocoa beans. Cocoa beans can be obtained in dungeons and by using inventory editors. One bunch of beans and two bushels of wheat will result in eight cookies, which will each heal half a heart. In terms of healing, cookies aren't that much more efficient than plain bread, mushroom stew or cake, all of which are easier to make.

With the Cookie Craft mod, cookies are much easier to craft and there are a bunch of new cookie recipes added to the game, including Jaffa Cakes, Ring Donuts, Oreos, Brownies, Strawberry Cookies, Digestive Cookies, Jammie Dodgers, Chocolate Cookies, Fortunate Cookies and the ill-advised poisoned cookie (made with TNT). Other food items, like bowls of cereal, peanuts, and chocolate milk are also added in this mod.

Various cookies have various effects, a brownie, for instance, will heal for eight hearts and is stackable up to twelve at a time. Ring donuts, on the other hand, only heal one heart and they only stack to eight, making them more difficult to carry and less nutritious all round. It should go without saying that the poisoned cookie will result in a game ending respawn, though apparently you don't drop your inventory, which I suppose is nice. It's just unfortunate that this single player mod doesn't give you much scope for poisoning anyone other than yourself.

The golden cookie, crafted from cookie filling and eight bars of gold will heal you for a massive twenty hearts. There's probably a reason why it heals for more hearts than you actually have, but I don't know why. What I do know is that this cookie adding mod will totally work wonders with the hunger mod (a mod that adds an additional bar that tracks how much you're eating and slowly degrades over time, making you 'hungry', just like in real life!)

This is a mod worth watching, with new cookies being added all the time. There may even be an SMP version in the works, which would be awesome as poisoned cookies would finally have a purpose. Let's face it, Minecraft was always destined to become a game of life and death between crafty human players.

Download Cookie Craft Minecraft Mod


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