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Coolest quests in world of warcraft cataclysm

Updated on February 26, 2012


Warning the information below contains some very minor spoilers, although this has been kept to a minimum in order to let you enjoy the quests for what they are.

Below are two quests that are think are clearly both contenders for the coolest quests in Blizzard's World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, if you do not believe me the only thing I can suggest is that you try them out for yourself.

Welcome to the machine

This is a horde only quest and is available from level 20, it starts from High Executor Darthalia who is found at Southpoint Gate area of the infamous Hillsbrad's Foothills. This quest is so awesome though I would even go as far to suggest as levelling an horde character if you do not have one just to do it.

"Welcome to the Machine" is also a well known song by Pink Floyd as is High Executor Darthalia's first line in the quest text "Have a cigar" another popular culture reference so prevalent throughout World of Warcraft.

The humour in this particular quest is fantastic you get to actually be the quest giver and dole out quests to over stereo typed adventurer types. The quest itself it easy so sit back and enjoy it. You will also encounter Dumass, Kingslayer Orkus and Johnny Awesome again in further quests in the area.

Where to find High Executor Darthalia
Where to find High Executor Darthalia | Source

The day that Deathwing came

This quest is available to either faction and can be done from level 44. This quest chain starts at Theldurin the lost in the Badlands zone in the Eastern Kingdoms and has the added bonus of being the first in a chain of three cool quests. The first quest is "The day Deathwing came" the follow on quests are "The day Deathwing came: the real story" started by Lussien Tosslewrench and "The day Deathwing came: what really happened" which is started by Martex the Exiled. All the quests take place in the massive Scar of the World Breaker a swathe of destruction caused by Deathwing once released the nearby horde town of Kargoth was also totally destroyed at the same time.

In this quest chain you get to get to p-p-punch through solid rock, become the worlds largest gnome, ride the worlds fastest (flying) motorcycle and defeat Deathwing alongside the continuous humour what more could you ask for in a quest?

It is also suggested by some players that the quest title and the shape of the Scar of the World Breaker has a adolescent reference to a more adult joke. Just take a look at the Badlands map to see if you get it.

Where to find Theldurin the Lost and his Cronies
Where to find Theldurin the Lost and his Cronies | Source

Which is the most awesome quest in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm?

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      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Coolest quests in world of warcraft cataclysm sounds a great mission