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Stockli Netstal Copper Pan | Old, Vintage, Antique Cookware On Ebay | History Of cooking , Baking, And Frying

Updated on March 22, 2013

Pictures Of The Stockli Netstal Copper Pan

Inside the Stockli Netstal copper pan. The silver tone stuff is tin.
Inside the Stockli Netstal copper pan. The silver tone stuff is tin. | Source

Vintage Stockli Netstal Copper Pan

I got this at a local thrift shop of mine for a reasonable price. I am always on the lookout for copper cookware because it is collectible, as mentioned here. There are so many different brands that make copper cookware, and most of them have been around for a long time. This one in particular is a Stockli Netstal pan made in Switzerland.

Upon doing some research I learned that this is apparently one part of a large set, so perhaps this pick was a dud. Either way it makes a fantastic display piece and at worse case, I can scrap it for what I paid. Keep an eye out for sets of copper cookware though, as a complete set can be worth an awful lot. If it is one thing I have learned from buying copper cookware, it is that it can be worth a ton of money.

I have seen this pan go for $25 alone in good condition, but it looked as if someone had polished it up. I don't really want to destroy it's aged appearance though, so I will leave it as is. Hopefully I can get my money back on this one!

The handle of a Stockli Netstal copper pan
The handle of a Stockli Netstal copper pan | Source

If i could offer any other advice, I would say stick to pieces that you know are complete. For example, I recently discussed a copper kettle that I bought. It was easy to tell that this not missing any pieces because they were all there and it wasn't part of a set. With this pan however, it could be all alone, but there's really no way of knowing. I almost always get myself into trouble by buying something I am not 100% sure about!

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      PickingProfits 4 years ago

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      I find your Hubs very interesting, and did respond to your question, but I hve now looked at some of your work, and am stunned to see how few comments you have! Why do you only follow one person? Just interested. I feel you are disinterested in others writing?