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Nandonalt's Coral Reef and Scuba Diving Minecraft Mods

Updated on February 20, 2011
For more Minecraft mod reviews, visit:
For more Minecraft mod reviews, visit: | Source

Nandonalt is what we in the business like to call an 'avid modder'. That means he's made more mods than you've had hot dinners, cold dinners and lukewarm dinners. He's made a great many mods, that's for sure, everything from cactus swords to butter churns.

The mods we'll concern ourselves with in this piece are his Coral Reef and Scuba Diving mods. The Coral Reef mod adds new underwater plants to your world, transforming it from the direly mundane to the wondrous, and the Scuba Diving mod allows you to stay under water long enough to enjoy it without spasaming and dying.

Coral Reef Mod

The Coral Reef mod adds six new plant types. They don't just look pretty, they have some functions. Green coral occasionally tops up your oxygen when you stand in it, and most all of the corals can be harvested for dye, which makes getting pretty dyes like pink and lime and magenta much easier.

There are also two coral reef base blocks that can be placed anywhere. One of them emits light, which is useful when you are exploring deep on the sea floor, which tends to be rather dark. Coral will grow on these blocks, like cactuses grow on sand.

Scuba Diving Mod

As mentioned above, the scuba diving mod enables you to breathe underwater and explore the underwater realms. This is Minecraft though, and nothing happens for free. If you want to do something, you need the equipment to make it work.

The Scuba Diving mod adds new functionality and new recipes which allow you to craft your own scuba diving gear.

For starters, you'll need a Scuba Dive Helmet and Scuba Tank. The helmet is crafted using 6 iron ingots, two pieces of leather and one glass block. The tank is crafted with 6 iron ingots and 1 piece of leather.

Once you have your equipment, you'll need an air compressor to charge your scuba tank. The air compressor is made with another 6 iron ingots, and two redstone dust. It behaves in much the same way as a furnace, except it is fueled with redstone dust and serves only to recharge scuba tanks.

Once your tank is charged with air, you can venture beneath the waves and explore the parts of the world previously lost to you. This is a particularly good mod for squid watching, for squid always sink to the bottom of any water system, which means they are often hard to spot after spawning.

Even if these mods aren't entirely to your liking, I cannot reccomend checking out the rest of Nandonalt's mods. There are a whole bunch of cooking ones I'll review another time that are enough to make your mouth water.



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