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Corporation Inc Free Simulation Game

Updated on November 16, 2010
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Do you love simulation games? Do you love simulation games that possess enough complexity to allow you to create truly unique scenarios? Do you love simulation games that do all this for free? Meet the new love of your life, Corporation Inc.

Let me preface all of this by saying that I don't often get involved in in depth casual games, mostly because most in depth casual games are poorly executed and involve odious long tutorials that leave one thinking that watching grass grow would probably be more interesting and improving. However Corporation Inc is one of the rare breed of free, casual online games that has some serious depth to it, and manages to integrate a tutorial in a fashion that actually makes you want to keep playing the game.

Long story short, Corporation Inc is a simulation game, the object is to create your own successful push button company. There are three modes of game play, easy, medium and hard .The noticeable difference between these three modes is how much money you start with. I started on Easy with 50 k, because I like my life to be easy. I don't play games to be challenged, I play games to be entertained and to be creative.

To play the game, you build office space, hire workers and slowly increase the amenities and profitability of your company. After hiring twenty workers, you are allowed to add an office cat to the mix, which I found admirably charming. Other items of décor you can add to keep your workers happy include potted plants, original pieces of art work, coffee areas and more. It's also important to provide bathroom facilities if you don't want your workers running home every time they feel the call of digital nature. The game keeps a running tally of your profitability, which runs day and night and allows you to see just how much money you're making (or losing). It's up to you to customize your office and hire the right people to make your corporation a success.

There are some very amusing quirks to the game, for instance, you need to hire supervisors to keep your employees in line, but the techniques they use in order to keep your employees working are hardly orthodox, unless you call hitting people with what looks to be a walking stick orthodox.

Though some of the animation is slightly confusing (it feels wrong simply whacking an elevator over an office building, or shoving a coffee area into an employees cubicle), Corporation Inc is a seriously good casual simulation game that I'd highly recommend to any fan of simulation games – and anyone who likes watching digital sprites hitting one another over the head.


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