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Counter Strike Global Offensive Tips - Best CS GO Tips and Tricks

Updated on August 27, 2012

Counter Strike Global Offensive Tips

These Counter Strike Global Offensive tips are for you to be prepared, and ready, for when Counter Strike Global Offensive is out of open beta. You don’t want to be one of the poor newbies, struggling to make sense of the game and constantly being killed. That’s really no fun whatsoever and can quickly become frustrating.

Instead, you want to be gleefully killing other players and having hours of fun with this online first person shooter (FPS). Use these CSGO tips to survive longer, kill more enemies and become a better player. So get ready to improve your gameplay and to start owning some noobs.

Counter Strike Global Offensive Hardware Tips

I have been lucky enough to play Counter Strike Global Offensive in the closed beta.

Most of the players in the closed beta are Counter Strike professionals; veterans of previous Counter Strike games. Being pitted against the best players has drastically improved my game skills. If you’re looking to hit the ground running in Counter Strike Global Offensive, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Turning up your mouse sensitivity will allow you to turn and aim at your target quicker. Mouse sensitivity can be tricky to get right. I would recommend increasing the sensitivity a little each day. You’ll know when you’ve gone too far as it will become too hard to precisely aim at targets.
  • Do you have dual PC monitors? If so, turn your secondary monitor off so the light from the monitor not in use doesn’t ruin your focus.
  • Tweaking brightness and contrast settings will allow you to spot enemies a lot easier. I normally turn my brightness up in any FPS I play.
  • A surround sound system or a good surround sound headset can come in handy. Being able to hear enemies and knowing what direction they are coming from will give you a huge advantage.

Counter Strike Global Offensive Gameplay Tips

  • Walk, don’t run. There’s no need to run around like a headless chicken. Running makes a lot of noise and it draws attention. There will be times when running is essential, but never run when you do not need to.
  • Use the mini-map. It is there for a reason and it does give you a lot of very useful information about enemy locations. The bonus is that most newbies do not use the mini-map, so using it gives you a leg up. I have been called a wall hacker countless times thanks to my use of the mini-map. If you know where an enemy is you can come around a corner shooting!
  • You have no secrets. A lot of people seem to think they know a great ambush spot, or a hiding spot, that few others know about. Realistically, with the tens of millions of people who have played Counter Strike there are no secret spots. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great spots on every map that will give you an advantage, but be sure to remember that no matter how great the spot is somebody will know you’re there.
  • Reload often. Most newbies die because they charge into a fight with a near empty clip. Remember to reload often.
  • Only reload when safe to do so. Reloading more often doesn’t mean you should reload out in the open. Before you reload find some cover.
  • Switching to your pistol is quicker than reloading. If surprised whilst reloading, or if you run out of bullets in the middle of a fight, switch to your pistol. It may be helpful to bind one of your mouse buttons to pistol if you can.
  • Use your knife. Need I say more? You carry it for a reason. Bind it to a mouse button if you can and learn to use it. Not only are knife kills cool they are silent too, helping to keep you hidden.
  • Buy armor. Armor is more important than weapons. so buy your armor first and think about your weapons second.
  • Try all weapons. Choose your favorite weapons and then stick with them. The more you play with a certain weapon the more effective you become.
  • Familiarize yourself with all the maps. If you want to be a pro you need to learn all the maps inside and out. The goal is to figure out the shortest route from point A to B, find good camping spots and discover good ambush areas.
  • Play to your strengths. Figure out what you’re good at and stick with it. The sooner you do this the sooner you can begin to play to your strengths. Personally, I like to sneak around and play tactically so it doesn’t make much sense for me to buy a machine gun. I go into every round knowing exactly what to buy, because I know what kind of player I am.

Counter Strike Global Offensive Shooting Tips

  • Aim for the upper chest. Many newbies try to aim for the head in the hope of getting a headshot. The key to landing a headshot is to aim for the upper chest and allow the recoil to take you up to the head. So try to aim for just below the neck and your second or third bullet should hit the head.
  • Spray bullets at close range and use controlled bursts at mid to long range.
  • Control your recoil. While not completely effective you can somewhat control your recoil by dragging your mouse down slowly. Every weapon has a different recoil rate though so practice on a wall.

Best Counter Strike Global Offensive Tips and Tricks

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Although a number of these tips may sound simple or easy to do, the differences they make are huge.

The difference between the elite and the rest of the pack is time spent studying the finer points of the game. By learning these CSGO tips and tricks you’ll move leaps and bounds over other players. It will also help you miss the pitfalls and common errors new players make when they first join a game such as CSGO.

These are all the tips for now, but check back soon for more Counter Strike Global Offensive tips and tricks.


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