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Counter Strike Global Offensive: Tips and Tricks to Become a Pro!

Updated on May 9, 2012

Counter Strike Global Offensive Beta!

Following the number one best FPS game of all time Counter Strike, Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment, have come out with a sequel 13 years after the initial release date of the first in the franchise.This new release is still in it's beta stage, however with the beta keys being so easy to come across, may people would like to know some top tips to becoming a professional FPS/Counter Strike gamer!

For those of you who are new to Counter strike, and are coming to this game from Modern Warfare 3, you should know that this game is a completely different beast to CoD. For a start, there is no such thing as "noob-tubes", so before you start making plans of ruining the game before it even starts, you should know that Valve has had the common sense not to follow MW3 in those tracks... Also, I wouldn't bother trying to aim down the sights, unless you are using one of the sniper rifles. (You'll often find that there isn't even a "ADS" option on your weapon...)

Counter Strike M4a1 Picture.

All credit for this image goes to Rockerdudeman via. GameBanana, as well as Valve the creators of Counter Strike.
All credit for this image goes to Rockerdudeman via. GameBanana, as well as Valve the creators of Counter Strike. | Source

How Counter Strike Global Offensive Should NOT Be Played.

Many of us Modern Warfare 3 players will find our first experience on Counter Strike to be a very confusing, and inevitably difficult one as it is very different to the common game-play we can expect from CoD. However, that doesn't mean that one can't be both professional at Call of duty and Counter Strike, it just means that the process will be much harder to train/develop to.

So how should you play Counter Strike Global Offensive compared to Modern warfare 3? Well, the first thing you can do to get a better feel for Counter strike, is to try a few games of "Search and Destroy" on Modern Warfare 3. Also, I would recommend trying the "Gun Game" modes as well from previous Call of Duty games, as the "Arms Race" mode in CSGO is basically just that. But before you do that here are some things you shouldn't do when first starting the CSGO beta...

  • Turn your sound off. - Being able to hear in this game is a huge advantage, as you can hear enemy footsteps, as well as other team mates when you have your audio on.
  • Try to aim down sights. - Unless your weapon has a special scope on it like one of the sniper rifles.
  • Try to Run and Gun. - This will most often get you killed within the first few seconds of any match, so it's best to take your time and scan each part of your surrounds before moving.
  • Camp at any of the spawn points. - When your enemies respawn, they will have the advantage over you (extra health bonus), so killing them will be noticeably difficult. It's better to keep your distance from the spawn point, but still be in a good radius to be able to take them down.

As long as you tend to follow these "Do nots" you should find your transition from Modern Warfare 3 or any other FPS to Counter Strike Global Offensive easy and smooth. Although for those of you who are coming from the previous Counter strike game, you should know that there are some differences apart form the better graphics...

How Counter Strike Global Offensive Should Be Played.

Here's where the real tips come in! The first thing you should do when playing Counter strike Global Offensive is to pick a good weapon to hunt your enemies with. So for instance, if you're not very good with the sniper rifles, then choosing one to play with is only going to hinder your ability to do well. However, if you have a natural talent for using the Sub-machine guns or assault rifles, then one of those would be of preferred choice.

(Just remember that you can swap and change your weapons around , so that there is always something new for you to use.)

Here are three other tips that I can guarantee will help you get better at/ become pro at Counter Strike Global Offensive...

  • Use cover effectively! - There are many boxes, crates and obstacles scattered around the CSGO maps that you can utilise to make you a much harder target to hit. Although, it's important to make sure that your cover isn't easily penetrated with normal gun fire, as this will make your cover completely useless.
  • Crouch when shooting. - One thing that I've found especially helpful when trying to kill an enemy, is to crouch and 'somewhat' stand still when shooting. This causes the bullet spread of your weapon to decrease dramatically, which means that you can get more shots directly onto your enemies. However, strafing while shooting will increase your bullet spread, it also makes you a harder target to hit.
  • Have Quick Reflexes. -This game is quite fast paced and based on 1v1 gun fights most of the time, so it's crucial that you can get the first shots at your enemy before they do. That means that as soon as you see an enemy appear on your screen, you should begin firing even before it's fully processed in your head.
  • Fire in bursts. - Due to the fact that there isn't much of a ADS system in this game, firing in bursts can greatly improve the recoil of some of the weapons. It also helps you be able to move quicker when strafing, or trying to get behind reasonable cover. Although, if you can manage it, try to control the recoil of your gun to a point where you can continuously keep firing at your target.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Video Preview.

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    • drspaniel profile image

      drspaniel 5 years ago from Somewhere, where the sun shines once a year...

      Agreed, predominantly the Modern Warfare 3 community consists of a load of cheaters, hackers and people who have not real skill in game. Whilst this would be okay to have the not so good players playing the game normally, they then turn to cheats and hacks as a way to match up to the better players.

    • profile image

      herp 5 years ago

      i hope to go MW3 players stay where they are