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Cranium the Board Game: Review of this Combination Game of Pictionary and Trivia

Updated on April 1, 2015

Number of Players: 4+ players

(2+ teams)
Ages: Adults and teens
Game Time: ~ 1 hour
Type: Party game

Publisher: Hasbro

Learning Curve: None
Difficulty: Easy

This party game is a combination of charades, name that tune, word puzzles, trivia, and Pictionary. Players divide up into teams and begin a race around the board by completing a card from one of the 4 categories: Data Head, Star Performer, Creative Cat, or Word Worm.

Data Head - True/false and multiple choice fun facts

Star Performer - Charades, acting, and humming

Creative Cat - Pictionary, blind Pictionary, or sculpting

Word Worm - Spelling, spelling backwards, word scrambles, definitions, and fill-in-the-blanks

The board has 2 paths - the fast track and the slow track. The two paths come together at 4 places on the board. At each of those intersections you have the ability to change paths. If you complete your card at the intersection correctly, you head down the fast track. If not, slow path for you! The goal is to get all the way around the board and then correctly answer one of each type of card. To secure the win, your fellow players get to choose the last category that you must complete.

Some cards are "Club Cranium" cards. These cards are played by all teams (Imagine 4 people all trying to hum "She's a Brick House" to their team at the same time). Club Cranium is a great way to play catch up if you're stuck on the slow track.

Overall: 5/5 Stars!
A blast to play!! This is one of those games that gets everybody competitive and laughing. Trying to get your team to guess "rocking chair" from your ridiculous looking purple blob of clay can be hilarious. This can be a family game or a party game but you do need at least 4 players.

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