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Creeps and Weirdos Minecraft NPC Mod

Updated on March 29, 2011
Heck yes, that guinea pig is wearing diamond armor!
Heck yes, that guinea pig is wearing diamond armor!

The More Creeps and Weirdos mod is easily one of the top ten Minecraft mods of all time. Perhaps even one of the top five. I don't say that lightly. More Creeps and Weirdos adds a ton of creepy and weird mobs to your world, NPCs with nefarious plans and unnatural love for frisbees. If other NPC mods have seemed boring or tame to you, More Creeps and Weirdos, with its Aliens and Evil Chickens and Man Dogs is a mod you'll love.

I'm not going to mention every single mob that is added in this review. Why? Because to be frank, I'm concerned that an article like this won't be able to contain the awesome. I will however, be hitting the high points, and oh, there are some incredible high points.


Aliens! Alien ships invading your world! What has occurred in Minecraft will surely occur in our own lands if we do not practice the subtle arts of repelling an alien invasion. Not only do Aliens fly about in spacecraft, when they land they have ray guns, ray guns capable of doing serious damage. If you manage to defeat them with your primitive technology then their ray guns can be yours.

Evil Animals!

Evil chickens. Giant chickens! Chickens are okay, but if a mad scientist spawns in your world (and sooner or later, he will) he will create giant evil chickens. These red eyed chickens differ from normal chickens in that theu are freakin' massive and eggs they leave behind them will explode on contact. Muaha! Evil pigs are also easy to spot, on account of being green and having six heads.


Dogs as pets! Dogs that look like men but which have dog heads and enjoy catching frisbees. This is a feature to be added by Notch, but Freakstritch (the creator of this wonderful mod) went ahead and added it in advance. (When I say 'this is a feature to be added by Notch, what I'm really doing is butchering the English language in order to convey the idea that Notch promised dogs in a future update. He did not promise ManDogs, and he did not promise frisbees.)

Baby Mummies

I haven't yet mentioned that this mod will casuse dangerous pyramids to spawn randomly in your world, but it will, and along with those dangerous pyramids (which contain untold treasures) come these adorable little baby mummies. They spawn in sandy areas and spend their days creating traps to thwart unwary Minecrafters. Caution is advised.

Guinea Pigs

What's so weird about guinea pigs, you might ask? Well nothing initially. Guinea pigs can be tamed into following you if you give them apples or wheat. It sounds adorable so far, but not exactly strange. Well, get this for strange, you can upgrade your guinea pigs into a guinea pig army! Equip leather, gold or diamond armor on your guinea pigs to give them stat boosts and heal them when they are wounded. Guinea pigs also level up over time. Basically, these are the best damn guinea pigs ever.

Download the More Creeps and Weirdos Mod!


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