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Creepy Dolls That Actually Exist

Updated on June 22, 2017

Baby Laugh-A-Lot

A doll from the 1970s manufactured by Remco that was intended to capture the innocence and excitement of childhood laughter instead seemed nothing short of a plastic hellspawn.


Not only is the doll itself eerie, but the commercial for the doll created an entirely new level or spooky. Although the video is 30 seconds long, the high-pitched laughter complemented with silence feels like an eternity that'll make you peek around hallway corners before going anywhere.

Little Lost Baby

Created in 1968, the Little Lost Baby doll seems sweet. And it is-- Until you realize the doll has three faces. One smiling, one crying and one sleeping. The child would have to change the doll's face by a lever in the back, and the doll's head would turn. Gives out some Exorcist vibes...


Thomas Edison's Talking Dolls

Although these dolls were a technological breakthrough and aesthetically they look just fine, the terror lies in their speech. Being one of the first instances of recorded sound, it was a bit rough (to put it lightly). Created in the late 1880's, these dolls had an extremely short shelf-life. Why? Listen for yourself.

The Real Annabelle

Who knew evil could take form in a Raggedy Ann doll? Although the movie version of Annabelle is much scarier, the mere thought of what terror the doll has created is enough to sleep with the light on for a week or seven.


That's right- She is literally in a glass case. If you want to know more about her, visit the Warren website, which is full of lots more of spooky, haunted items.

Robert the Doll

Not only are his eyes dull little pins, but many people believe that Robert can hear you. He listens to conversations, and will change is expression accordingly depending on what was said.


Any unnerving dolls you know? Comment and talk about them!


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    • Angel Guzman profile image

      Angel Guzman 6 weeks ago from Joliet, Illinois

      Hot dog! Scary stuff.