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Cross Platform Multiplayer Games Are the Future of Video Gaming

Updated on September 26, 2015

Xbox 360 Console

Xbox 360 console
Xbox 360 console | Source

Video Games of the Future

I have a dream, that one day all video games should be treated alike, and that video gamers from nations all over the world, can join plug into the same internet, where each man, woman, boy, or girl has an equal chance to come out the victor.

That is my dream, anyway.

Until that dream is realized, we will have to settle for the scraps that they give us.

While this future remains bleak, a few titles squeak by with this dream realized.

Cross Platform Multiplayer Games are the Future

Cross Platform Multiplayer video games are ones in which the video game can be played from several consoles owned by different companies. These kinds of games are the future, I say.

PC vs. Mac Games Already Exist

Cross Platform Muliplayer video games are not widespread, unless you count playing a PC game online against a Mac player online. That has been done.

A PC vs. Mac game is not groundbreaking. People can do that already.

However, a PC player vs. a PS4 player, or a PC vs. a Nintendo Wii are still rare, and they are certainly not big title games.

The next big thing in gaming should be a big ticket franchise that is not only shared by consoles, but you can actually play the game against players on that console.

What the world needs more of, are Playstation 4 console games able to compete with someone on the Microsoft Xbox One, or playing PC vs. Wii. After all, video gamers are typically biased to the system that they play.

Why not give this gamer the bragging rights to say that they can beat players from the other system (with one hand tied behind his or her back)?

Well look no further as I share a few examples of games that have been released, or are still coming to a console near you that qualify as Cross Platform Multiplayer games.

Cross Platform Multiplayer Games - Released and Coming Soon

Universe at War: Earth Assault

Universe at War: Earth Assault Cover
Universe at War: Earth Assault Cover | Source

Universe at War: Earth Assault Gameplay

Sega's Universe at War: Earth Assault is a real-time strategy game for PC and Xbox 360. Universe at War: Earth Assault was released on December 10, 2007.

Universe at War: Earth Assault is a sci-fi game, allowing the gamer to be one of three factions as aliens have traveled from across the galaxy for claims to Earth, which can only be solved by war. Weapons and technology are key to winning in this real-time strategy game.

IGN gave this game and overall score of 8.0 ("Great") out of 10.

Trine 2

Trine 2 Director's Cut Banner
Trine 2 Director's Cut Banner | Source
Trine 2 screenshot
Trine 2 screenshot | Source

Trine 2 Trailer

Frozenbyte's Trine 2 is the sequel to the original fairy fantasy puzzle game. This game takes the original trio (a wizard, a knight, and a thief) and continues the adventure, allowing for 3 player co-op gameplay in this third-person side scroller. It is available for Mac, Xbox Live Marketplace, Playstation 3 Network, PC, WiiU, and Linux.

Trine 2 was released on December 20, 2011.

The digital graphics in Trine 2 are beautiful, and the game is very reminiscent of The Lost Vikings on SNES and SEGA.

Trine 2 was given a 9.0 (Amazing) out of 10 on IGN for overall gameplay.

Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV Online Cover
Final Fantasy XIV Online Cover | Source

Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn

Square Enix was officially launched Final Fantasy XIV Sept. 22, 2010 with lackluster success. Critics and players called this game "dull" and "outdated," prompting Square Enix President Youichi Wada to make a public apology for their failure to deliver.

Final Fantasy XIV Online was rated 5.5 (Mediocre) out of 10 on IGN for overall gameplay.

Game Relaunching as A Realm Reborn to Salvage the Franchise

A new development team was brought in to salvage this train wreck, and being relaunched as "A Realm Reborn" on August 27, 2013. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will be available for the PS3, PS4, and for PC.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is the second Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing (MMORPG) game in the Final Fantasy Universe, and its success will determine the future of the franchise.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has a lot of expectations to meet after the failures of the first launch.

Tom Clancy's The Division

Tom Clancy's The Division Title
Tom Clancy's The Division Title | Source

Tom Clancy's The Division E3 Gameplay

Tom Clancy's The Division is an online third-person shooter that will be released to PS4 and Xbox One, slated for Q4 2014.

Backstory: As a pandemic sweeps through the streets of NYC, society falls into chaos. The Division has been activated. These tactical agents answer to no one, and have been living among the general population, waiting to be activated. Their only objective: Prevent the downfall of society. The Division must act quickly to stop an engineered virus from sweeping through humanity.

Other Cross Platform Games Not Featured on this Hub

Dragon Quest X: Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku Online - released August 2, 2012 for Wii and PC.

Skullgirls - released April 10, 2012 for Xbox Live Marketplace, PS3 Network, PC and Linux.

Hero Academy - released January 11, 2012 for PC, iPhone and iPad.

Muffin Knight - released Sept. 1, 2011 for Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad and Android.

Frozen Synapse - released May 26, 2011 for Mac, PC, iPad, Android and Linux.

Dungeon Defenders - released January 13, 2011 for Mac, Xbox Live Marketplace, PS3 Network, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android and Linux.

DC Universe Online - released January 11, 2011 for PS3, PS4, PS3 Network, and PC.

PS3 & Xbox 360

PS3 vs. Xbox 360 video game consoles
PS3 vs. Xbox 360 video game consoles | Source

Concluding Thoughts

While there are a few games that have been released as Cross Platform Multiplayer, we still have a long way to go to make this a recurring thing in the video game world.

Ultimately, it comes down to money. Video game companies want to keep titles exclusive to their console, and will pay a premium to own the exclusive rights to that title. When there is sharing involved, video game companies do not always play nice.

To sum it all up: If a video game company can't make money off of a joint venture, then they won't be a part of it. Video game enthusiasts lose out.

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      Glad you enjoyed it.

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      Impressive hub on Sensory Processing Disorder.