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Crysis - Walkthrough and Guide

Updated on August 18, 2011

Crytek Crysis


Crysis is a science fiction computer game that was developed by Crytek and published by Electronic Arts. It is a first person shooter game that is based in a fictional future world. Crysis is based on a world in which an ancient alien spacecraft has been discovered within the Earth.

With the single person campaign, the player must assume the role of a United States Delta Force operator, Jake Dunn, who is also referred to as Nomad. Nomad is armed with futuristic weapons and equipment, such as the "Nano Muscle Suit."

In the game, you must fight both North Korean and extraterrestrial enemies in four different locations- a tropical island jungle, inside an Ice Sphere, the alien ship, and an American aircraft carrier.

Crysis will challenge your ability to adapt and survive...

Crysis Demo Walkthrough

Crysis Demo Walkthrough 2

Crysis Demo Walkthrough 3

Crysis Demo Walkthrough 4

Crysis Walkthrough

In 2121, a mysterious asteroid crashes on a tropical island. The North Korean government quickly rushes to the scene, occupies, and secures the site.

You are a member of the US Delta Force Squad that is sent to find out why such an extinction level event has not sent the world into another ice age.

But, soon, a giant beam erupts from the asteroid and freezes everything within its boundary.

A simple recon mission, has now turned into a war of the survival of mankind.

At the front line, there is an immense alien invasion...

In order to succeed, you must plan your attack carefully, as the intelligent and cunning AI can adapt to the changing environmental conditions. You must use more than average techniques in order to survive.

When, you are in the Hot Zone, you must quickly asses the situation; a strategic approach is a must.

The run and gun option is always an idea, but you must be really good in order to win.

You will be equipped with a highly specialized rifle that allows you to send projectile ammo into the skin of the enemy and use a time release in order to down them all from behind cover. You can tailor your attacks.

And, because you are a part of the elite Delta Force, you will be provided with the Nano Combat Suit, that is upgraded throughout the game with various tools and weapons. The suit allows you to survive in the hostel environment.

You, the player, control your energy level, and with speed, armor, energy, and strength, you will always be ready for battle.

If you are backed into a corner, you can either dial up the speed for a rapid exit or dial up the armor and stay to fight.

There are several different routes that will allow you to reach your goal, but the obvious and direct ones, may not always be the best. The game allows you to dictate your own path in the realistic environment.

You must be aware of your surroundings at all times.

The game pushes the environment activity to new levels with organic matter and man made objects.

Vehicles are interactive and destructible. Once you reach a location, shoot the tire and the panel will blow. Each action has a different effect.

Always use cover in a tactful manner to destroy your enemies or their cover.

The outcome of this invasion is up to you...

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Crysis Game Cheats


The following codes can be entered into either the console or into a user-created System.cfg file.

The console must be unlocked by using "con_restricted = 0" before you enter any cheats and are able to use them in the console.

Crysis Screen Shots

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Crysis Game Trailer

Crysis Passwords

time_scale = 1 (any number) : This password affects the rate at which time passes in the game.

g_suitSpeedEnergyConsumption = 110 (any number) : This password relates to the amount of energy that is consumed in speed mode while sprinting.

v_goliathmode = [0, 1] : This password will either disable or enable infinite health for all vehicles in the game.

g_meleeWhileSprinting = [0, 1] : This password will either disable or enable melee attacks while you are sprinting in the game.

pl_fallDamage_SpeedFatal = 13.7 (any number) : This password will affect the fall speed in meters/second at which you die in the game.

pl_swimBaseSpeed = 4 (any number) : This passoword affects how fast you can swim in the game.

g_suitarmorhealthvalue = 200 (any number) : This password affects how much damage armor mode energy shields can take.

pl_swimJumpSpeedBaseMul = 1 (any number) : This password affects how quickly you can jump out of the water.

pl_fallDamage_SpeedSafe = 8 (any number) : This password affects the maximum speed in meters/second you can go without causing any damage.

g_suitSpeedMult = 1.85 (any number) : This password affects your movement speed while in speed mode; the speed is multiplied by the number you choose.

g_suitCloakEnergyDrainAdjuster = 1 (any number) : This password multiplies energy consumption of cloaking by the number you choose.

g_suitRecoilEnergyCost = 15 (any number) : This password multiplies energy consumption of each shot fired while in strength mode.

cl_strengthscale = 1 (any number) : This password multiplies punch strength by this factor that you choose.

g_walkmultiplier = 1 (any number, but if too high, you won't be able to move) : This password multiplies player movement speed by the number that you choose.

Crysis Game

Crysis Game Shots

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Crysis Game Secrets

You will want to locate the difficulty files in your Crysis installation folder (I.E.: C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Game\Config).

You can find them easily, as they will appear as diff_easy.cfg, diff_normal.cfg, diff_hard.cfg, and diff_bauer.cfg.

You will want to open the file (with Notepad or Microsoft Word) that corresponds to the difficulty level you are playing.

God Mod:

You will want to add the following line to the end of the file and save it:

g_godMode = 1

Now, when you are playing your health will still decrease, but you will not die. You health and armor will automatically replenish when your health reaches zero.

No Target:

You will want to add the following line to the end of the file and save it:

ai_IgnorePlayer = 1

Now, when you reboot your game, 1 enemy will ignore you.

No Weapon Limit:

You will want to add the following line to the end of the file and save it:

i_noweaponlimit = 1

Now when you play your game, you will be able to carry an unlimited number of weapons at a time.

Unlimited Ammo:

You will want to add the following line to the end of the file and save it:

i_unlimitedammo = 1

When you start up your game, you will be able to have unlimited ammo.

You will always want to make a backup of your files before you overwrite and save any game files.

Crytek Crysis in HD

Modify you Crysis Suit Stats

By following the above method of pulling up your game file, you can, also, add the following codes in order to modify your Nano Suit stats in the game.

g_playerHealthValue = 400.0

g_playerSuitArmorModeHealthRegenTime = 0

g_playerSuitArmorModeHealthRegenTimeMoving = 0

g_playerSuitEnergyRechargeDelay = 0

g_playerSuitEnergyRechargeTimeArmor = 0

g_playerSuitEnergyRechargeTimeArmorMoving = 0

g_playerSuitEnergyRechargeTime = 0

g_playerSuitHealthRegenDelay = 0

g_playerSuitHealthRegenTime = 0

g_playerSuitHealthRegenTimeMoving = 0

g_suitArmorHealthValue = 400.0

g_suitCloakEnergyDrainAdjuster = 0

g_suitRecoilEnergyCost = 0

g_suitSpeedEnergyConsumption = 0

g_suitSpeedMult = 2.0

Crysis Game Pictures

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Crysis Patch

Patch #1

For the most part, the new patch won't introdruce any major changes nor will it have a large change log. It is intended to be a small patch to fix the more frustrating and obvious issues you may be having.

Today we have got a little update on our upcoming patch #1 for Crysis for you. Even though there is no final change log available at the moment since the patch is still work in progress we would like to give you a rough overview what kind of issues are being addressed.

As of November, there has not been a set release date for hte patch, as the company is still working on it, but they are confident that it will be out as soon as it has been verified and checked for stability.

As for the content of the patch, it is going to address following categories:

  • Overall Performance
  • Adjustments to LAW and Grenade balance in multiplayer

You must keep in mind that this is not a major patch to the Crysis game, but more like an update on the performance and a few Multiplayer tweaks requested by the Crysis community.

Pre-Order/Special Edition Exclusive Vehicle (Amphibious APC) - Online Concerns

A few of the people who got access to the Amphibious APC have concerns asto why they are not able to purchase the vehicle in one of the factories. This is due to the fact that the dedicated server needs to be logged into Gamespy in order to allow people who purchased the pre-order/SE version of Crysis to buy the vehicle in the game.

Most of the server hosting companies have been informed about this issue, and Crytek has recommended that those who are setting up a dedicated server to to read the Crysis Server Documentation.

Weapon Sound loop - Workaround

There is a temporary workaround for the sound looping bug that occurs in some multiplayer sessions of Crysis. If you experience the bug, you can follow the below instructions to work around the situation.

  1. Open the console and type in "con_restricted 0" (without "").
  2. Type in "s_soundenable 0" (without "") to disable the sound completely.
  3. Type in "s_soundenable 1" (without "") to enable the sound again.

So whenever this bug occurs, you can just follow the steps above, and it should be gone.

Crytek is, also, trying to solve that problem once they are able to reproduce it in-house.

Pictures can be found at


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    • vinaykumar.k profile image

      vinay kumar 7 years ago from india

      Great Hub.... I'm also a big fan of "Crysis" game.

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      I'm a big FPS fan and I have to say that besides its outrageous system requirements Crysis is a preety good game. Can't wait for FarCry2 :). Great Hub!!!

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      I am seriously impressed at the level of work that went into this hub, great job W, i have resisted games for a long time now but this tempts me....


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      I liked it ,keep it going. Nice work.

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      A very good hub

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      A very good hub

      Thank you

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      Very informative! I did enjoy, thought now I am now sorry I gave up gaming some time ago (one must pick and choose their addictions)

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      This looks like a great game!!

      Great hub:)

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      Hey, thanks for the lots of information. I'm a new gamer of Crysis and need a lot of help. Thanks a lot. This is a great hub.