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Cube World - a Love story

Updated on October 7, 2019
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We are just two nerds that enjoy playing video games together.

The Beginning

My husband and I love video games, and we love playing video games together. Our tastes can be a bit different but if it has a good multiplayer we are sold.

I had only heard about Cube World from my husband a few weeks ago. As he was telling me about it I found myself captivated with the story. He told me how it was created as a passion project by Wolfram von Funck and his wife Sarah von Funck who were inspired by games like Legend of Zelda and Minecraft. I loved hearing about how they had worked on this together and the obstacles they had overcome to get it to this point and after watching the videos on steam I was fully ready to try it.

The Village

As the game first opens up to the title screen you hear the most beautiful calming music. Music that makes you remember it long after you take a break playing for the day.

As I clicked create character I could feel my excitement building. I clicked through the different races loving each and every look. Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Goblin, Lizard, Undead and Frogman.

From there I got to pick my class. Warrior, Ranger, Mage or Rogue.

After looking through the different options I ended up creating a purple-haired Elf skilled in the way of magic. Once I was done the world opened up behind me and I found myself in a village.

The village was small but it had a lot of cute NPCs running around, climbing walls or just waving hello to me. I should have taken this time to talk to the locals, learn more about my abilities and what you can do in the village, but instead I decided to start running out into the wild to see what was out there figuring I will just learn as I go.

As I went out exploring it didn't take long before I ran into a couple of blue titled caterpillar looking bugs. Bugs? Easy. I looked at my powers and shot a whirlwind of fire at them thinking they would go down easy. Once I got the first strike it started to advance. Fast. I kept shooting fire only to realize I was not doing much damage. That Caterpillar killed me almost instantly.

Once I re-spawned back to the village I took a moment to think about what happened. As I was pondering this a white-haired elf started falling out of the sky in my direction. My husband had joined the game. I explained what had happened and he just chuckled. As one that is used to open-world adventure games, he helped recommend what we should do first.

We took the time to look at our inventory. I discovered that I had three different weapons to choose from. A staff, Magic Bracelets and a wand. After trying them all I ended up choosing the wand. All were good items but the wand appealed to me more with its laser-like magic. I also ended up finding a spot in town that allowed me to change my magic from fire to water.

After we were more prepared we went around and talked to some of the NPCs in the area. Some just complimented us while others had information on the land. We were given information about different items to discover, landmarks, and people who were in danger that needed our help.

We were finally ready to disembark and head out into the world.

The Open World

Heading out into the world together to find adventure, we started to learn a few things gradually, like what the different colors represented in quests and with monsters.

From the lowest difficulty to legendary the color system seems to go like this: White, Green, Blue, Purple and Gold.

With this in mind, we were able to navigate the land much easier. We started by going towards the quests and locations that were white and green. We helped a poor dwarf that was tied to a table on his roof to a Gnome that was about to become witch soup. Each time we helped someone they would be so happy to be alive they would shower us in gifts, some of those being better gear and weapons.

We also discovered some locations just had items to make our adventuring easier from climbing gear to paragliders.

As we continued on our quest to help everyone we could and grow stronger we started to find random food showing up in our pet category of the bag. Confused we kept adventuring thinking we would eventually be awarded a pet to take with us on our adventures.

As we were checking the map to see where our next destination should be we found a trio of Frogmen coming our way. We walked over to talk to them to see if they had any quests or knowledge they would be willing to share. One of them started to tell us about the local rabbits and how their favorite food was carrots.

That sparked a thought. Maybe how we got pets, was by feeding them their favorite food? That brought on a whole new adventure we were excited to explore. Anytime we found a friendly animal we pulled everything out of our backpacks to see what they would like. Eventually, we would find the right animal for the food.

I went up to a pack of chickens holding out a cereal bar and finally, a heart started to form above one of the chickens heads. Then, two more ran over and started eating the cereal bar also forming hearts over their heads.

What I hadn't realized was that only one animal could eat the food and become your companion. If others started to join in they would get really upset that they were not able to finish the food themselves and start attacking you. So although I had found an companion I had to run away immediately from the other chickens trying to kill me.

As I was running away from this little mob my husband was in a tree laughing at how funny the scene looked. I eventually lost them by floating to the top of a tree myself, and next to me was my own pet chicken.

Eventually, we would find other pets to add to our inventory and a set of reigns to ride the animals across the land. I have to say seeing a turtle run so fast on its little legs makes me happy every time I see it.

The End?

As we explored every part of the area we were in we battled monsters, got legendary gear, adopted some adorable pets and learned the lore of the land. We eventually knew it was time to move on and discover other parts of the world.

As discovered early in the game, the map of the world looks like it is endless. There is so much to explore. Once we step over into the next area our gear will lower in quality and most of the items we discovered on our journey will disappear, to be held in this area until our return.

We will meet the residents of that land, learn of their woes and help every gnome, goblin or creature that is stuck in a cauldron waiting to be someone's lunch. We have not ventured out yet but when we do, it will be another adventure filled with laughter, love, and friendship.

Final Thoughts

So far I am thoroughly enjoying Cube world. I find it to be a beautifully written game that allows you to create your own story.

Cube World does not give you a tutorial so that can be discouraging to some that like a set story and shows you how everything works right from the beginning. But once you start to understand how things work and you start leveling up and getting better gear, you really start seeing how wonderful this game really is. Cube World is what you make of it and I can't wait to see what else it has it store for us.

4 stars for Cube World

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