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Cuboy: Back To The Cubeture, Free Adventure Game

Updated on January 7, 2011
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Remember the days when games were experiences? When they were imbued with character first and ten wolf pelts last? When game design meant creating a world the player wanted to believe in? I do, and so too do the creators of Cuboy: Back To The Cubeture.

Cuboy is not only a cuboid hero, he is also your local ultimate friend and the best guesser in the world, which makes him precisely the sort of person you want on your side when a cat builds a time altering machine that threatens to destroy the world.

Cuboy is essentially a point and click adventure game, but its a point and click adventure game that doesn't shove the fact down your throat. You don't spend the entire game slamming your mouse clicks around the screen, a fact which I appreciate on a deep, almost spiritual level.

You might at first be put off by the simple cuboid grid and cuboid based graphics upon which the game is played, but if you are put off by these, then you are become a shallow fool. Why, I remember days when our games were 8 bit and we loved it. Broderbund was our watch word and we knew what the flag of Andorra looked like. Nowadays young gamers are too addled from all the lead in their Chinese toys to appreciate a solid work of gaming art when they see it.

The Secret of Cuboy

There are actually five Cuboy episodes, and they're all utterly charming and thoroughly amusing. Some of them happen to simply be cartoons, which I rather enjoyed. Indeed, having first seen Cuboy, Return To The Cubeture and appreciated its cartoonish amusements, I felt immensely gratified to discover that Cuboy had originally been a cartoon.

In spite of being originally conceived of as a cartoon, the game exhibits solid gaming principles. There are challenges of the mind, challenges of the reflexes, and challenges of sheer gaming stamina.

Hold, Fire

The quick draw challenges, which come thick and fast (and often and quite commonly) are immensely enjoyable. One need only to affix one's eyes to the draw post and press the space bar the exact moment that drawing becomes an option. After one failure I failed no more and soon felt rather invincible.

In Summation...

You should play this game. It will enrich your life, renew your enthusiasm for online gaming and put a smile on your face.

Play Back To The Cubeture!


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