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Updated on December 19, 2014

CuddleUppets - What Are They?

Cuddleuppets are the newest creation from Jay at Play, the same people who make Happy Nappers, KooKoo Birds and a lot of other popular toys. What Cuddleuppets are doing is taking the whole pillow pet/ Happy Nappers concept in another direction. Instead of being a pillow, they are blankets.

Whats cool about these is not only are they a blanket, stuffed animal combination but they are also puppets. This makes the toy a lot more interactive and really inspires imaginative play. Your child can now, literally bring their new pal to life by simply moving the mouth and adding a voice.

If you watch any childrens TV then by now you have probably seen their ads. They are on a lot, to the point where I have seen many people online complain about being tired of looking at it. Having the jingle stuck in your head can be a bit annoying.

While a lot of people have a problem with this being "another pillow pet rip off" I really don't see it that way. This is a totally different product all together and it would be like saying an apple is a ripoff of an orange because they are both fruit. What really matters is simply, do kids like them and are they well made.

From what I can see kids are loving these and they could easily become one of the hottest toys for 2012. My daughter has been asking for the Pink Poodle Cuddleuppet and we are getting it for her birthday. She also has a Happy Napper and a collection of Pillow Pets, there have been no fights on her bed yet lol.

There are 6 Cuddleuppets to choose from and they are:

  • Pink Poodle
  • Brown Bear
  • Purple Monkey
  • Yellow Puppy
  • Blue Elephant
  • Green Crocodile

They have a character to fit almost any child so these are great for both girls and boys. The Company is well known for quality products and I have yet to see an actual complaint about Cuddleuppets anywhere. They are only available online right now and probably will not be in stores for a while. To get Cuddleuppets at a great price check this out!

CuddleUppets Tv Commercial

New Cuddleuppets Unicorn and Ladybug added

There have been a couple of changes to the Cuddleuppets line up. They have taken out the Blue Elephant and Brown Bear and replaced them with the new Magic Unicorn and Pink Lady Bug.

I'm a bit surprised that they got rid of those two but maybe they will be available in stores soon. You can still get them on Amazon just below this article.

The addition of the Magic Unicorn and Pin Ladybug to the Cuddleuppets line up is no surprise though. They are a constant in the bedtime buddy category's like Pillow Pets, Happy Nappers and such. Even most of the knock off brands have a unicorn and ladybug in their line ups.

These two characters have always been popular and probably should have been released in the original line up.

One thing is for sure, my daughter has seen the new TV commercial and has already asked about adding the unicorn to her collection. With the Holidays coming up fast there is a good chance we will be ordering that one pretty soon as I would suspect it will be very hard to get as we get in the full swing of Holiday shopping. You can get the new Cuddleuppets plus the remaining original four by Going Here!

Cuddleuppets Brown Bear

Cuddleuppets Blue Elephant

Kids Singing CuddleUppets Jingle

Why Buy Cuddleuppets?

My daughter is definitely one of those kids who wants everything she see's on TV. Some of the stuff she will initially ask for is just way out there and I always ask her why. When it makes no sense she usually answers something like "it looks cool". I know she is just TV struck and pretty much ignore her.

At the same time if it is something she really does like I have no problem checking into it to see if it's a decent product. As with all kids, and some adults, There are certain things you know they will get a lot of use out of and then others that are just the shiny object of the moment. Cudldleuppets, although pretty new and very well advertised, are one of those things I now she will get a lot of use out of and really enjoy.

How do I know this? First is that she loves stuffed animals of all types but is especially fond of her Pillow Pets and Happy Napper. They are always in tow and she always picks one when she is sleeping at a friends or Grandma's house. She got her first Pillow Pet when she was 4 and still thanks me for the ones I bought (Santa brought a couple as well). The same is true of her Happy Napper, She loves it and has been playing with it for almost a year now.

Another thing I like is the company that make them, Jay at Play. So far everything I have bought by them is of great quality and again, my daughter loves their stuff. We also have a bunch of different Koo Koo birds toys that she loves to play with.

The last thing that I really like is I have yet to see a legit bad review. The only complaints I have seen are ridiculous because they are either about the commercial being annoying or people say that Cuddleuppets look drunk or stoned. For the age child that this is geared towards, they should not even know what looking stoned is and the commercials, like a lot of kids shows, are geared towards kids and so more then not annoying to adults. Just think about how annoying Teletubbies and Barney are to adults.

To me the most important thing is that I know my daughter will love her Cuddleuppet so she will be getting one for her birthday this year and, I will be the coolest dad for it ;)

Cuddle Uppets In Action LOL

Do you think you will buy Cuddleuppets?

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Cuddleuppets Commercial New Version


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    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 

      6 years ago from Minnesota

      These cuddleuppets sound wonderful. My kids have pillow pets and still use them as teenagers. I appreciate your fun and useful information on this product.


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