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Cheap Nintendo Wii U Games - All great games, all under $20

Updated on June 15, 2016

Wii U games for under $20

Did you just buy a Wii U for yourself or a loved one and are looking for games? Or are you looking to beef up your existing library? Below, please find a list of games for the Wii U that are really grest games and won't break the bank. Some are the definitive edition of the game, some didn't sell well and are cheap as a result, but all are still masterpieces in their own right.

1. ZOMBIU - $13.99

This game is a blast and received great reviews from critics across the web. It might be a bit violent for younger gamers but has some fantastic Unique features. $13.99 on amazon, don't mind if I do! If you have issues with the groupon timed offer, I will also include a competing offer from a stable store. (Actually I have just taken it down as it sold out quite quickly)

$14 on Amazon with free shipping

2. MASS EFFECT 3 - $10.99

This game is a classic and received critical acclaim from gamers and reviewers alike. Being able to play it on the handheld gamepad just adds to the value here. $11? Yep!


This game initially had some issues that were resolved by patches. It still didn't sell well as early adopters went for other titles. This game is well rated by users and a great car racing game.


Want a Beat em up fighting game? These games aren't as popular as they used to be, and although this one is quality within it's genre and is the definitive edition across all consoles, it is $14.99.


Regarded as many to be by far the best fighting game on the system. Do you or a loved one love batman, joker, superman etc. ? Then look no further for a fighting game than this deal right here.

6. BATMAN: Arkham Acity

An Action packed adventure with Batman and Co. Check this one out at groupon or if it's sold out, at another link where hopefully I can get you a price close to the $12.99 they managed at groupon.This game is also critically acclaimed and a favorite of many gamers.

7. CALL OF DUTY - Black Ops 2 - From $12.99

For me, this game is fantastic to begin with. Then add the fact that 2 people can play at once, one on the gamepad and one on the TV while they hunt each other down (yes this game is for older kids) and it's brilliant! Black ops 2 is one of my favorite 2 player games on the Wii U. I have added a $12.99 ebay listing and will include other links in case this sells out as it is very cheap.


This game received updates after releases to fix bugs that reviewers found to be horrific. The damage was done though and not many people bought it. Now though, after the updates, the game is fantastic and a must own especially at $7.99. If this sells out which I imagine it will, I will include a link to it elsewhere also.

9. LEGO BATMAN 2 - $14.80

This Batman game is suitable for all ages and is just as much fun as the many other lego games that can be bought on the Wii U. Check it out at Amazon for only $14.80. How is that library coming along now?


This game is a classic and one that sold quite poorly on Wii U. The 4th is also available below but believe it or not you can pick this one up for $14 at Amazon below. If you want a similar game with better graphics and a more exciting adventure check out the next game, or maybe pick up both at those prices?


This may be the best looking game on the Wii U and the best in the series so far. Pick it up for only $20 at rock30games. I won't be including any other links though as this is a more popular game being newer and per my promise above, all these games are $20 and under. Hope you enjoy your new Wii U library.

12. And most importantly

Don't forget that this system is backward compatible, so all of the games from the older system (the Wii) work on this. This includes hundreds of games for under $10. For this christmas, I just bought my daughter 3 original Wii Games for $20. Each one of them a top quality game.

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    • profile image

      ignugent17 3 years ago

      We got wii but we are just using it for fitness. Thanks for sharing the games. I would try the lego batman 2 looks fun. :-)