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Custom Card Ideas: Chinese Fire Drill

Updated on July 23, 2015


You might have played Munchkin long enough to realize one or two cards can make a player win in the late game. You may also know just how satisfying it is to rob them of such an advantage or, better yet, give it to somebody else, potentially yourself. Enter the Chinese Fire Drill!

Artist: Amir S. Hamer
Artist: Amir S. Hamer

What the Card Does

One of the very first cards I've ever created is the Door card for the original fantasy-themed Munchkin deck called "Chinese Fire Drill." You might guess how this card works.

"The player playing this card must roll a die. Everyone must leave their seat and their cards and move to the seat on their left per number on the die. Everyone keeps their levels."

To further clarify, you leave all of your cards behind as you pick up someone else's. This includes Race/Class/Items/Curses/ and all cards in your hand. The only thing that stays the same is your level.


There are numerous advantages in using this card. Sell all of your stuff, gaining levels as you do so, then play this card in order to retain your level but obtain brand new gear! This card is meant to re-balance the game randomly, so you're likely to make more than a few enemies, but that's the game for you.

You can better direct this card with any of the 'Loaded Die' cards, or screw someone over by using a 'Reloaded Die.' It's not a Curse/Trap/Disaster/etc., so cards nullifying these effects are useless. A card like 'Annihilation' can however.

The biggest drawback of this card is the chance of rolling a number that lands you right back to your same seat. This is especially awful if you just sold all of your possessions.

If you implement this into your Munchkin game, in any deck, you'll soon realize how much tension this pushes onto the game.

Have fun!

Deck Compatibility

Honestly, this card can be added to any of the genre decks seamlessly. However, as this card's effects are determined by the die roll, any other cards or abilities that help dictate the ending face of the die make this card more impactful. Therefore, any decks with expansions that add more Loaded Die and Re-Loaded Die would benefit the most from this card.

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