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Custom Card Ideas: Garbage Monster

Updated on July 19, 2015


I've made plenty of item cards, and a few Curse! and effect cards, but they're not very 'climatic' cards. Some you play at the final fight to decide who wins the game, but not many. I decided that I need to make a monster card. But how to make such a card? Would I take the easy route, and just make a Level 25 Monster? That seemed a little lazy and disheartening, especially if the monster was drawn first when Kicking Down the Door. So, I conceived this little amalgamation.

What does this Card do?

Hence, the Garbage Monster. If this is the first monster card drawn in the game, it's silly easy to beat. It's power actually rests on what monsters have gone to the discard pile already. Here's the description: "Take the top 2 monsters from the discards and add all 3 Monsters into one. (Add) Their Levels, Bad Stuff, and Rewards together. This monster is immune to effects that target 1 monster."

Bear in mind that if this is the first monster card played or if there's only one monster card in the discard pile, you make do with what's available. By that, the Garbage Monster will fight with either the one discarded monster or will be stuck at Level 1 if there are no monsters readily available. All other effects still occur.

Lastly, it's only the monster cards themselves that are re-drawn and added to this monster. It doesn't matter what Monster Enhancers these discarded Monsters had when they were in play, nor any item cards. If there was a Humungous Fungus that was further amplified by a Mommy card, that Fungus being used is only Level 5, not 40.


I almost feel like I've pulled something from Yu-Gi-Oh or something. Regardless, this monster's power is highly variable. It might be a 1, or it might just be a 41*. Granted, the Levels and Treasure rewards will be roughly scaled appropriately. The Bad Stuff though will always be negative, putting together all of the effects from Dying, Losing a level or items, to other random effects such as being unable to trade with other players. Also, any effects they might have are also included, where you might have to discard a card before combat or worse.

Also important is the last line, making this monster amalgamation immune to single monster effects. Force one monster to run away or die? Doesn't work here. Use a monster enhancer on it? Nope. Certain cards can only affect the creature on a whole. That way, it helps prevent this monster from being too game-breaking or easily disposable.

When do you play this card? For yourself, consider when another play attempts to use some low level Monsters to gain an easy level. Due to the high reward nature of this card, early to early-middle game is conceivably the best time when no one else is looking to take you down and your character is strong enough to handle some low level fiends. However, there's no guarantee they won't screw you over in such a vulnerable moment, so you might wait until someone else is hit hard.

However, this is the kind of card you want to accompany with a Wandering Monster and send it at the second player attempting to beat the game. After the first is surely met with high level Monsters from other players, those same monsters should be still sitting prime on top of the discards, ready to be sent in again.

Deck Compatibility

As you might have guessed, the Garbage Monster is compatible with most (if not all) thematic Munchkin decks. Monsters are a fundamental part of the game.

However, there are some differences between the decks that will affect this card accordingly. Early thematic decks without expansions will be fairly baseline but decks with a lot of expansions may cause this card to suffer through a huge number of cards in the discards that aren't monsters or too many monster cards during a season that simply aren't formidable or are far from weak, either really disrupting an attempt at strategy. I'd recommend this card to see more use in smaller decks.

You will be able to manipulate this card more easily through the use of more particular cards as well. With the Warrior and the Cleric from the original fantasy Munchkin deck, you can discard cards for different purposes. This may allow you to discard specific monster cards to accompany the Garbage Monster soon after. It's a little roundabout, but you will definitely catch a rival by surprise!

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