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Custom Card Ideas: Ritual Sacrifice

Updated on July 21, 2015


Feeling especially devious? Have you ever been forced to accept someone else's help in a combat when you don't really want to? Or maybe there's someone in-game that seems untouchable by direct approach but you still wish to get rid of them? I've created a card that does just that, but be careful, it's going to make a big splash in your game.

Marvel at my poor illustration ability.
Marvel at my poor illustration ability.

What does the card do?

Continuing on with the intent of creating more deaths in a game of Munchkin, I present to you the card 'Ritual Sacrifice.' As the image reads, "Discard this card to Curse to kill your helper in combat for 1 level (2 if helper has an ability that rewards them for helping."

It's a pretty-straightforward card. Kill your helper. However, it's a little more complicated than what the description reads. The killing only occurs if your helper doesn't prevent it with, say, a Wishing Ring or Tinfoil Hat. If they stop it, this card does nothing and goes into the discard pile.


This card does have a nice advantage in decks with Elves, Yakuza, Bounty Hunters, and like-minded cards. Any player with an ability that gives them a reward (say, an Elf gets a level for every monster they help kill, Yakuza draws a door card for every monster they kill or help kill, and so forth) are of course willing to help out others due to their guaranteed rewards. By killing one of these helpers, you double the rewards you get!

This card isn't all advantages however. Remember the Ritual Knife card? If you're in combat with someone else and you use it, you die. They're left alone without the ability to ask anyone else for direct assistance. Well, when you play this card, it's the same instance; killing your helper leaves you alone without the ability to ask for further help. This limits the usefulness of this card to some degree, forcing you to be sure you can still kill the monster(s) you are facing after getting rid of your help. People will be skeptical to help a player if they can already win. At this point, this is directly affected by your person skills instead of your card play.

Of course, if you really wanted to, just Ritual Sacrifice and then Ritual Knife to get out of the ugly situation.

Deck Compatibility

Of course, this card works very well with any deck and with the more players the better. To make it more efficient, this card works very well with the standard Munchkin deck (due to Elves), Munchkin Fu (due to Yakuza), Munchkin Zombies (due to Smart Zombies), Star Munchkin (due to the Bounty Hunter) and so many more. Even without some of these more permanent helper-friendly cards, the Ritual Sacrifice card has a high chance of versatility.

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