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Custom Card Ideas: Soul of the Fickle

Updated on January 7, 2016

Sometimes, you just get dealt the bad hand. You start off poor, and everyone who offers to help you requires all that you would gain. It sucks. You can't get enough momentum to stand for yourself and you wish something would come around and just hand you a bone.

What Does the Card Do?

Well, here's a card that may give you some kind of advantage (when it finally comes around, that is). Behold, the Soul of the Fickle!

Its effect is as follows, "This card gives a +5 bonus as a one-shot item. When used or at the end of your turn, this card goes to the player right of you."

Essentially, you get to use it once, either for yourself or a fight happening that you're not part of before it gets moved. Even if this is equipped and you defeat a monster with much more than a five point different, this item is still considered used and will progress.


It's a random card, but one that can be planned on. A random +5 bonus is never something to scoff at, elevating one's power enough to beat 1/4th of the typical monsters in the deck, as well as being as strong as any typical weapon one can equip. It's free floating, and only takes up a slot of a single Soul card (you normally can have three at a time). If you are full of Soul cards, this card passes you and progresses to the next player.

Considering that +5 is more than useful, you can use it against someone else. Someone else is about to gain a lot from a fight, just toss this in there. It's the same as a basic Monster Enhancer (without giving it more Treasures) or a very powerful one-shot item. It's not like you can keep it too long (as you'll lose it at the end of your turn anyways).

Also, this card moves, so even if someone's on top, this card will leave them soon enough. As this Soul Card is always on, if the owner helps another Munchkin they will lose this card at the end of the combat. It flows to keep the game circulating, assisting one player one moment before moving quickly on. It flows the opposite direction of player turns so this could should normally be used one rotation of every player (although if you're called to help another player in combat and you use this Soul card, it might progress to a player whose turn is very close).

Also, keep in mind that this card gives a bonus as a one-shot item, keep in mind it's a Soul card while not in combat, meaning it can't be stolen or randomly cursed to lose it. Although, it's kinda silly to try to take this card; it will find its way to you soon enough.

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