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Custom Card Ideas: Soul of the Greed

Updated on February 4, 2016

In Munchkin, you play aggressively. You like to lead, or at the very least, never be at the end of the pack. Charity is just unwanted scraps from the other players. You would rather control your hand, keep everything you like, and smile politely at the last place player when they ask how many cards are in your hand. You might just want to procure this Soul Card for yourself.

What Does the Card Do?

Soul of the Greed is a very basic, but very efficient custom card. It reads, "This munchkin cannot receive Charity. However there is no limit to the number of cards in your hand."

You don't get Charity no matter what any other card claims. This custom card may encourage you to play Go Up A Level cards early on to get and maintain a lead. Or, you may choose to lag behind other players which may eliminate Charity giving altogether, creating a stagnate playing field.

It should be noted that while the player may have a 30+ number of cards in their hand, this Soul Card does not afford protection against another card's effect. If someone players a Curse to discard your entire hand (for example), you'll have to discard your entire hand. You will need other protection to keep your cards in scenarios like these.


The big thing about this Soul card is, it's all your choice. This card allows you to have an infinite amount of cards in your hand which literally means limitless possibilities within the game of Munchkin. Your power in gameplay becomes incredibly scary; you never have to discard any cards unless prompted to by a Curse, and with certain abilities that can discard cards to ignore Curses or having multiple cards like Wishing Rings, you can become nearly untouchable. Not only that, but any time another player tries to kill a monster for the winning level, you should be packing quite a few Monster Enhancers, able to upset any play of the game at almost any time.

Of course, this all depends on how much time you get to set these things up, particularly without the ability to collect Charity. This card gives the player a limitless potential, but doesn't afford an active bonus on its own. In fact, it will remove all chances of Charity. As an indirect side effect, your hand will become a defining characteristic when all players are near the end of the game. If other players are smart, they'll punish the owner of this card quickly and early.

Granted, this card isn't perfect, and if a card is played to get rid of this Soul card, the player must immediately discard all of their cards down to their normal limit (5 by default). Also, it doesn't improve your chances of drawing good cards, as one might draw many copies of Race and Class cards.


While I'm very well versed in the card game of Munchkin, I do not own every card nor know every effect. If there are negative cards out there that require you to have one less card in your hand, you subtract 1 from Infinity, meaning nothing happens. Same thing if you have to discard or exchange a percentage of your cards.

However, I am unsure of what you should do if there's a card that forces you to only have X number of cards in your hand. If it's a one-shot effect or Curse, I say you have to discard down to that effect. If it's a continual effect or Curse...I really don't know. You can say that whichever is played second has the overriding effect, meaning if you have this Soul Card and are Cursed, you obey the Curse card. However, if you're Cursed and then obtain this Soul Card, you get rid of the Curse. Of course, that's for you to decide how to use this card.

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