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Custom Card Ideas: Supermassive Black Hole

Updated on November 12, 2015


You can only take down so many Level 20 monsters before they lose their formidable presence. True, some are a bit more scary than others (especially some of those super potent Level 16 monsters with terrifying Bad Stuff) but they eventually lose their face among so many other faces that you can take down with friends (or by yourself even with enough expansions). With this mindset, I created a monster to be a bit more iconic, something more as an endgame boss.

What Does This Card Do?

As you can obviously see, this card isn't anything to play with. Most monsters cap at about Level 20 without Monster Enhancers. Not only is this Level 25, but it immediately disables all non-equipped items, meaning one-shot items will have no effect on the combat. Also, Running Away is impossible. It was made with a kind of end-game monster in mind. Don't make this card and insert it into just the original Star Munchkin deck; no one will likely be able to beat it on their own.

His Bad Stuff is also unique. It's like an Annihilation card, if it applied to everything a player posses. Not just items, but races, classes, vehicles, Curses, everything. You don't die, meaning you don't get new cards, but you also don't lose levels, which is alright. However, no one else gets your cards, meaning if you had top tier cards, they're gone for good.


There honestly isn't too much too this monster. He's big, strong, unavoidable, and removes a lot of cards from the game. I thought about making this monster unable to pursue certain level players like other high-level monsters, but that would kinda go against the theme of the monster. This monster is definitely not compatible with a core set for a couple of reasons. For one, if there are less cards in the deck this monster will likely appear more often before players can prepare themselves accordingly. As well, there simply might not be enough fuel to get players ready for it without additional expansions.

However, you obviously can't escape from this monster, so I might need that to balance it. I want your feedback in this; should there be a maximum level to automatically run away, or keep it as is?

Deck Compatibility

I originally worked this card for Star Munchkin, mostly because of the appearance of an intergalactic threat (certainly more so than simply another Cthulhu card). Still, this card isn't too specific to Star Munchkin. It doesn't get any bonuses from Star-specific races or classes, or from vehicles. It can be added to anything, but I put this card on a blank Star Munchkin card so it'll stay with the Star deck for me. As mentioned before, it'll benefit more from other expansions put into the game (which is ironic considering how little I think of Star Munchkin expansions but nevertheless). Unless you have other custom Star Munchkin cards, this card will be painfully obvious what it is within the deck or someone's hand.

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