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Custom Card Ideas: The Penatrator Sword

Updated on July 19, 2015


Another day, another card with an innuendo associated with its name.

I originally got this card idea from the game Demons' Souls, where a boss called the "Penetrator" was a large knight wielding a very long, serrated sword also called the 'Penetrator.' Pretty much if you were skewered, you were dog meat. There was a cutscene devoted to it and then a special move that would really lay on the hurt while you watched it, unable to do anything. Nonetheless in battle for Munchkin, this card isn't too flashy. A +3 Bonus, 1 Hand. But if you're a player who enjoys playing Curses on others, you'll definitely want this weapon, especially in a game where everyone is rocking some kind of Curse-proof protection.

Plus, you can always shout out, "You've been penetrated!" whenever you use this card, if you're that kind of person at least.

What the Card Does

Description as follows: "Whenever you play a Curse and another player tries to stop you, you may discard a card to ignore that card's effect if this is equipped."

Play a Curse on a person, they counter with Wishing Ring, you discard a card (any card, just pick one aside from Rubbish) and ignore their Wishing Ring. That Wishing Ring is still played and discarded (as well as your discarded card) and your Curse hits home. If a player uses a class or race card with an inherent Curse-proof ability, you follow the same lines although the only card discarded is the power that powers the Penatrator's Sword.

*You must discard a card to power the Penatrator's Sword. This isn't like the Thief card from the fantasy themed Munchkin deck where if you're at level 1, you can try to steal anyways. You must have at least one card to discard, even if it's currently in play (such as an equipped item or race card).


Those who oppose the overly mighty Tinfoil and Magnificent Hats, fear no more! Just one card, any card can render them, a Wishing Ring, or any other specific Curse-blocking gear inert for the battle (and in the case of the Wishing Ring or another one-used item, discarded). This is especially good for those with Zombie Mojo's, that is, they are rewarded when Cursing players.

Simply having the Penatrator's Sword is often enough to convince people to simply take the Curse instead of playing a Wishing Ring. You may also convince other players to give you their Curses if everyone is joining up to defeat a player going for the win. After all, a Curse card in your hand is far better than a Curse card in another player's.

This card has actually been re-done. Before, when another player would try to stop the user of this card from using a Curse, this player would discard a card and both would roll. Who ever had the higher roll would win out. But then, I decided that was too many words and people just didn't bother remembering it, so thusly I simplified it by making this card stronger. After all, a simple effect from discarding cards and rolling the die seemed superfluous as well.

Deck Compatibility

Also, let me make it clear that the Penatrator's Sword works with Curse analogue cards as well. Disasters and Traps are treated the same as Curses when mixing decks, so keep that in mind in case of a dispute.

Otherwise, the Penatrator's Sword works well with any deck. It benefits more from a deck with multiple expansions however, as more expansions mean more Wishing Rings. With so many expansions, you will typically have a ton of cards that come into your hand that you really don't care for, which makes resisting the Penatrator's Sword all the more difficult. Other decks that have player modifying cards (namely Race, Class, Mojo, and so forth) that prevent or resist Curses will give the Penatrator's Sword more use.

Also, a Zombie Mojo gets a lot of benefit and becomes self-sufficient with a Penatrator's Sword.

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