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Customer Service From the Other Side of the Counter Part Four

Updated on November 9, 2009

Mr. Hilton

Actually, no, I shouldn't be that mean. At least Paris actually shows up at the store before expecting a personal shopper.

It's really busy right now. I have a customer physically here in the store who is asking me a million and one questions about movies while her kids climb all over everything and loudly debate over whether or not they have Barbie Mariposa, or Barbie and the Three Musketeers.

I don't have time to look at every single TV and read you the specifications, which generally entails me putting you on hold and running back and forth between the phone and the TV's, while also trying to help the elderly woman and her 30 and 40year old "boys" who want to buy a bunch of Wii excessories and need me to unlock them. So if you could come on down and take a looksie yourself that would just be so sweet.

Customers. I have a few minor pet peeves

 The electronics department at J Mart got slammed last night. Not a bad thing when there's nothing to do but I was also working on a planogram that needed to be finished.

How long are you going to stand at the counter before you realize I don't know you are there? I'm in the aisle working on the phones which is not directly in view of the counter. You move as quietly as a mouse and so I don't know that your there or that you want something. Mock-up displays all around me, a shopping cart full of product beside me that I need to arrange on the shelf and I can't see the counter. So unless the customer makes a lot of noise I have no idea they're even standing there and it might be a few minutes before I get up to check.

Do you,

A: let me know you're ready to check out?

B: Stand there for god knows how long waiting for someone to appear out of thin air?

If you chose A, please shop here regularly. But if you chose B, for the love of god, I can't read your farking mind. Call me over please, so that you aren't standing there the whole evening.

Viper Guy

 I had this gentleman who was looking for two movies. The Hulk Vs. Wolverine (animated) and Viper.

The word "Viper" was written on his little list. The two boys, about thirteen I'd guess, that were with him appeared to be a little slow and they weren't very helpful when I asked what the movie was about.

Now, the only movie with the word "Viper" on the title, that we currently had on the shelf was a movie called "Vipers" with an "s". Some low budget creature flick about snakes that apparently kill people. I showed it to him.

Viper Guy:

VG: I don't know, they said "Viper". You don't have another movie called "Viper".
Me: Well, what it is it about?
VG: I don't know.
Me: *holds up "Vipers"*. Because this is the only movie here entitled Vipers.
VG: But it says "Viper" *shows me the list*
Me: Okay, is it about a car or about snakes? *thinking maybe they're looking for the series from the mid-90's"
VG: *turns to the boys* What's the movie about?
Boy 1: I don't know.
Boy 2: I don't know.
VG: *to me* Are you sure you don't have a movie called "Viper".
Me: Well, if it's not about a car than this is the only one about snakes and it's called "Vipers".

Finally VG decides to take a chance on it, under the assumption that his boys aren't interested in movies about a gray Dodge vehicle and knowing he can return it if it isn't the right one.

Bloody farking hell. The whole debate was over one letter! One fricken letter!


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