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Cute Party Games and Treat Ideas For Kids

Updated on January 24, 2012

Party games are always the talk of the party at a childs birthday! You want the games to be really fun so they will remember how much they enjoyed it. Games are starting to get harder and harder to think of, especially unique ones that no one has really thought of. So I am here to tell you some tips, games, and treats for having the best party ever! If you try out some of these great games and treats your party will be rockin'! Don't sweat worrying about what everyone will do at your party, these will keep all of the kids occupied and entertained. If you feel like you need to hire someone because your worried your party will be a stinker, DON'T! These games and treats will make it to where no one wants to leave, spending a hundred dollars an hour is no longer necessary. Keep reading for some cool ideas on how to spice up your childs birthday:)


Games: ♥

Night-Time Bowling: You will need ten empty 1 liter bottles. Ten colored glow sticks. Super glue. And a ball to throw at the pins. First you will need to take off the stickers of the 1 liter bottles and put the glow stick into the liter. Once done fill the liters with water and glue on the cap so the water won't spill. After that set up your bowling lanes, and begin! The children will be amazed at how they light up at night and will have fun playing a great game with their friends.

Noodle Balloon Game: You will need a bunch of helium-filled balloons, two large laundry baskets, and noodles (as many as your guests). So the object of the game is to get the teams balloons into the baskets. There will be two teams, so spilt your party in half. Began by having both teams try to get all of there balloons into the baskets! Depending on how many balloons you have, if the balloons touch the ground they will have to take away one balloon from their basket. Time your game for as long as you would like, once the timer goes off count the balloons in each basket and whoever has the most is the winner. Have fun!

Crafts; Tissue Paper Fun: I have already made a hub on the tissue paper craft projects I will include the link below. This a great craft for kids of all ages they will enjoy making things and getting to go home and show them to everyone!

Water Balloon Toss: The only thing you will need are water balloons, and a bunch of kids to play the games! Put all the people playing in pairs, and see who can throw the water balloons back and forth without dropping them! Every time the players catch they will need to move back one foot, this will make it more challenging. Have fun playing this classic fun game!


Dipped Marshmallow Treats: You will need a few bags of large marshmallows, your favorite kind of chocolate chips, edible sticks (I like to use large pretzel sticks) and a few decorations (good to go with the theme). First you will want to melt your chocolate chips, so put them in a microwave safe bowl and cook them for about 30 seconds and then stir, do so until all are melted. Once chocolate chips are melted you will want to dip half of your marshmallows into the chocolate, remember to put your pretzel on the marshmallow first. Quickly after you will want to sprinkle your toppings onto your marshmallow. Then you have your marshmallow treats! The kids will love making them, so this could give them something to do at your party.

Candy Bottles: First off I think every childs birthday should have a candy bar! It is so much fun and if you had one the kids could make these themselves. So you will need a lot of small candies, skittles, M&Ms, razzles, whatever kind you want. Also a bunch of empty gatorage and water bottles with the childs name tag on each one, and the lids of the bottles. So if the kids are doing this they get to fill up each bottle with their favorite candies, if you are doing this make sure you do them in a pretty design like rainbow or colors that go with your party! The kids will have so much fun making these, and it could be their party favors as well. Making candy bottles can be a great way to end the party :)

Frozen Fruit Popsicles: These healthy and delicious treats are great for all parties and are in another hub of mine that is always listed below:) Fruity popsicles are a great tasting treat that your childs friends will defiently enjoy! Smoothie recipes will also be included in the link!

Candy Ice Cream Cones: Buy a bunch of small Ice cream cones and fill them half way with the childrens favorite candy (candy bars are great so they can do this themselves). Then put ice cream up to the top after you are done, then let the children enjoy decorating them. This is a very sugary dessert so make sure you go play outside after eating these to burn off some energy!


Great birthday party decorations:

Birthday wreath decorations. Balloon wreath are awesome, the look really pretty and are very decorative! Try using the colors of the theme of the party and you will get a very cool look.

Candy Bar. A candy bar is such a colorful decoration and treat, the kids will love seeing all of the beautiful colors. Decorating your treats like the one I listed above will make your party a lot more fun! Every child I know loves to decorate their own things, so they can call it their own and show it off. If you decide to do this make sure you have lots of spoons, bowls, and candy of course!

Create cute street birthday signs! You and your child can decorate them together, decorating is always tons of fun. Make sure to use lots of colors, streamers, and balloons when decorating! If you decide to do a street sign you will want to make it green and label it "Chole's" for example. So if you did three seperate street signs the could say something like "Chole's" on one "Birthday Bash" and the last one can have an arrow pointing to the party. Whatever you decide to do make sure its cool and fun! Have a great party, thanks for reading.


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    • kayyluh profile image

      kayyluh 6 years ago

      yay! thanks luti:)

    • Luti Febrian W profile image

      Luti Febrian W 6 years ago from Surabaya, Indonesia

      cute and nice ideas,...perhaps i can use it on my 3rd birthday of my son,... great!

    • amberlewis profile image

      amberlewis 6 years ago from India

      Ya i agree with you.Kids are always want fun in their birthday parties.Cute party games is a good idea to make the occasion remember able moment.Water Balloon Toss is enough good game for amusement.