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Cute Pokémon that Pack a Punch!

Updated on December 25, 2014

Pokemon trainers across the world enjoy competitive battling, whether as an enjoyable pastime or a serious challenge. When one connects to the Battle Spot in the PSS and finally finds an opposing trainer, chances are the opposing team will consist of strong, cool, and tough Pokémon like Charizard, Aggron, Aegislash, or legendaries like Mewtwo, Kyogre, and Yveltal.

Many seem to think that the tough guys rule the ring, but here are a some cute Pokémon that, when trained well, can prove to be just as effective as some of the ubers out there.

Useful Items

What item you equip your Pokémon with can really effect its performance, but not all items work with all Pokémon! Where Black Sludge would restore Dragalge's HP, it would poison a Pikachu, so make sure to think your items through.

The items you equip may also depend on your Pokemon's ability or move pool. If you don't teach Blissey Focus Punch or Brick Break, why equip a Black Belt, which increases the power of fighting type moves?

Here I give you a list of items that can help pretty much any Pokémon; it is recommended that you equip them based on the effectiveness of that Pokémon so that you may have a more balanced team.

  • BrightPowder raises the holders evasion by 10%.
  • Big Root increases the amount of HP gained through HP stealing moves, including Draining Kiss, a popular move among the Pokémon listed.
  • Leftovers is an always useful item that restores roughly 6% HP each turn.
  • Assault Vest increases the holder's Special Defense by 50%, but disallows the use of status moves.
  • Expert Belt boosts the power of super effective moves by 20%.
  • Metronome boosts the power of a move used consecutively by 20% each move for a maximum of 100%.
  • Quick Claw gives a 20% for the holder to move first and ignores moves like Trick Room and Stall.
  • Rocky Helmet will deal roughly 16% damage to the opponent each time a contact move hits the user.

Official Pokemon Art
Official Pokemon Art | Source

#700 - Sylveon, the Intertwining Pokémon

Everyone who surfed the internet at the time of X and Ys release probably knows about Sylveon, the super adorable Eeveelution that evolves via Pokémon Amie. Sylveon has Cute Charm and Pixelate as possible abilities, both of which are incredibly effective in battle.

Cute Charm has a 30% chance to infatuate an attacking Pokémon of the opposite sex, which will then keep that Pokémon from attacking 50% of the time. Pixelate will change the type effectiveness of normal-type moves to fairy-type and raise their strength by 30%.

Having a Sylveon with Pixelate will nearly guarantee a fatal attack if the Sylveon knows Last Resort, Hyper Beam, or Giga Impact, moves that deal between 130 and 150 damage; note that of these three, Hyper Beam and Giga Impact both have lower accuracy and a one turn recharge, while Last Resort requires the Pokémon to have used each other move its learned at least once. Pixelate would also prove quite a force in combination with Swift, which deals a modest 60 damage but never misses, despite any accuracy debuffs.

Sylveon's Stats

Special Attack
Special Defense
Official Pokemon Art
Official Pokemon Art | Source

#417 - Pachirisu, the EleSquirrel Pokémon

Though its stats are nothing to write home about, Pachirisu is of special note because its only type disadvantage is to ground types. Additionally, its hidden ability Volt Absorb renders any electric attacks useless against it and heals its HP by 25%.

Due to its mediocre stats, its highly recommended to train Pachirisu to have optimal defense. It will not be very strong in either attack or special attack, each stat being equally low, so your best bet is to teach it some status moves like Thunderwave or Nuzzle and chip away at the enemy once paralyzed.

Additionally, if you're feeling particularly lucky and show your Pachirisu that it can take on any ground-type it wants, then you may want to teach it Grass Knot or Seed Bomb.

Special Attack
Special Defense
Official Pokemon Art
Official Pokemon Art | Source

#421 - Cherrim, the Blossom Pokémon

Cherrim has nicely well rounded stats, which when combined with its ability Flower Gift, make it an ideal support Pokémon. Flower Gift increases the Attack and Special Defense of your other Pokémon by 1.5 times if Cherrim has been exposed to harsh sunlight (via Sunny Day, etc).

Using Cherrim as an offensive Pokémon is not recommended, as it has a type disadvantage to Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire and Ice. Conversely, it is resistant to Ground, Water, Grass, and Electric.

Cherrim can learn a variety of wonderful support and status moves.

  • Lucky Chant prevents critical hits from landing on your party for five turns.
  • Helping Hand will increase the power of adjacent allies moves in a double or triple battle by 50%; note that it will fail in a single battle.
  • Flash decreases accuracy by one stage.
  • Attract keeps a Pokémon of the opposite gender from attacking 50% of the time.
  • Swagger, which will confuse an opponent but increase their attack.
  • Confide lowers Special Attack by one stage.
  • Safeguard prevents status conditions from affecting the user.
  • Synthesis restores the users HP depending on weather; if sunny, it will restore by half.
  • Toxic will badly poison the opponent; being badly poisoned increases the increment of damage taken by poison each turn.
  • Growth increases Attack and Special Attack by one stage, or by two stages in intense sunlight.

Cherrim's Stats

Special Attack
Special Defense
Official Pokemon Art
Official Pokemon Art | Source

#242 - Blissey, the Happiness Pokémon

Any who've had the misfortune to battle a Blissey know that it is an absolute wall of a Pokémon. Its HP is maxed out with a full 255, and it has well rounded Special Attack and Special Defense. Conversely, its Attack and Defense are utter rubbish, and its not all that fast.

It makes up for any HP lost with Softboiled, a move that will restore HP by up to 50%. It can also cure itself of burn, poison, and paralysis with Refresh. It has a wide range of status effecting moves, including Growl, Tail Whip, Minimize, Double Team, Psych Up, Confide, Defense Curl, Calm Mind and Light Screen.

Blissey compensates for its initial lack of power with a large range of extremely powerful moves learned via TM. These are Ice Beam, Blizzard, Hyper Beam, Solarbeam, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Earthquake, Psychic, Shadowball, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Focus Punch, Iron Tail, Giga Impact and Dream Eater.

Using a specially bred Blissey can expand the move pool to Last Resort, Metronome, Counter, Gravity, Aromatherapy, Heal Bell, Helping Hand, Natural Gift and Seismic Toss.

Additionally, if it seems like Blissey will soon faint, it may use Healing Wish to make itself faint and then completely heal the Pokémon that switches in, including HP and status conditions.

Special Attack
Special Defense
Official Pokemon Art
Official Pokemon Art | Source

#678 - Meowstic, the Constraint Pokémon

Meowstic is last on the list if only because it's the most flexible, and thus the easiest to place based on the statistical aptitude of the rest of your team. Despite what some rumors say, male and female Meowstic do not, in fact, have different stats; they are different in that they have different hidden abilities and movesets. Males have a more defensively based moveset while females are more geared towards offense.

With Meowstic, it's usually best to focus on either defending your team or attacking the opponent with full force, depending on whether your Meowstic is male or female. If you train your Meowstic's stats to its specialty, then a female should be able to take an opponent out fairly quickly, and a male can provide beneficial stat boosts to a team. Note that a male works best when in double, triple, or rotation battles.

I personally prefer female Meowstic due to the fact that it has many more types to its moves, making it good as a quick hitting, type effective one-hit KO Pokémon.

Meowstic's Moveset Differences

Mean Look
Me First
Helping Hand
Magical Leaf
Charge Beam
Miracle Eye
Shadow Ball
Signal Beam
Misty Terrain
Future Sight
Quick Guard
Stored Power

Meowstic's Stats

Special Attack
Special Defense

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