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DDO vs WoW

Updated on December 2, 2009
Dungeons and Dragons Online
Dungeons and Dragons Online
World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft

This is the second part of this article, click here to read this comparative review from the beginning...

How Pretty Is It?

So far it would seem that DDO wins in almost every way, but I have to give World of Warcraft its due, it does do several things very right. Appearance wise, World of Warcraft beats Dungeons and Dragons online hands down. It's not that DDO looks bad, it's just that WoW looks better. There's a slight retro feel to DDO that isn't there in WoW. WoW somehow feels more immersive, possibly because the starter areas don't have 50 people standing around clutching the same weapon as you and asking what to do next.

Getting In Control

Control wise, I am afraid I have to report a similar experience, WoW is easier to control and make sense of in the initial stages. Whilst I was playing DDO for the first time, I saw someone ask if it was any good, and another player responded 'Yes, if you give it time.' I've always felt that sort of response to be fairly ominous. Though DDO is very easy to play, it is actually quite hard to make sense of the finer points of the game. The controls often feel clunky and it is not always clear what you should be doing, aside from frantically clicking on a monster.

Plays Well With Others

Both World of Warcraft and DDO encourage group play, however DDO actually makes a bit more of it than WoW does, at least at first. By the time you hit 80 in World of Warcraft, if you don't want to play with other people, the fun of the game is pretty much over, whereas in DDO, group play is encouraged from very early on. Players in WoW tend to be a little more hyperactive and immature than those in DDO, it is likely that DDO attracts a slightly more mature crowd who actually played the pen and paper versions of Dungeons and Dragons in their youth whereas World of Warcraft has a broader appeal. Neither game suffers overly from the sort of foul mouthed squealing abuse you get from 10 year olds on X Box live however.

The Verdict

Whether you play WoW or DDO really depends on what you want out of a game. DDO is much closer to real RPG roots, whereas WoW is really nothing more than a grindfest battle system. It's actually hard for me to say which of the two games I prefer. WoW has more immediate appeal, but quickly deteriorates into pointless and annoying kill quests, whereas DDO has more ultimate scope and room for imagination and atmosphere than World of Warcraft.

You don't have to chose one or the other, you can chose to play both. Play WoW for the thrill of grinding towards your next minor achievement, or perhaps towards playing in Battlegrounds or Arena, and play DDO for that old time feeling of role playing your way through various adventures.


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    • profile image

      Paul M 

      8 years ago

      WoW always intrigued me, but I stayed away because of the investment. ($50 for the game plus this recurring monthly fee) and I never knew how much time I could devote to it, between work and home life etc. I saw that DDO was available for free and it's fantastic. The system at times is a bit clunky, but it dose a great job of creating a new world. The graphics are fine, yes a touch dated, but nothing terrible. The solo adventures are fun and playing in a group, so far has good as well. The people are helpful. I don't feel like there is anyone hiding behind their PC screens to just screw with you. I mean, its probably out there, but its not terrible. It's def. worth the download.

    • profile image

      Fred B, 

      8 years ago

      DDO is a fantastic game imo, and I have to agree with ZynAr, though I've only played trough the WoW trial and I'm glad I havent met the kids he was talking about, but the DDO community is amazing. The people are extremely nice and helpful, mostly because 90% of us are old geeks who used to play PnP D&D back in the day, don't get me wrong, I'm neutral, since I have only tried the trial for WoW I cant judge it, but there's one thing I know, and that is that I truly LOVE D&D online

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I recently tried DDO and agree with your description of the differences between it and WoW (I've played WoW since 2 months after launch = 5 years), except for one thing: I found DDO players to far less inclined towards offensive attitude and language than the WoW players. Where in WoW there is a minority of mature players and a vast majority of immature players who do display all the negative sides of offensive and foul language and attitude, the majority of players in DDO (during the 8-10 hours total, give or take, that I have played this game) were mature, friendly and even helpful.

      You write: "Neither game suffers overly from the sort of foul mouthed squealing abuse you get from 10 year olds on X Box live".

      Woah, I didn't think it could be much worse than it is in WoW!??

      For those who haven't played WoW, and who want to get an idea about which I'm talking, go to the offical World of Warcraft website and take a peek at any of the fora.

      Then, for comparison, go to the official DDO website and take a peek at the fora there.

      I think you'll pretty soon see what I mean.

    • profile image

      Olin E. 

      8 years ago

      Caleb...? I see what your saying, but having alot of people is a double edged sword. Their are much more less mature and rather gear obsessed people in WoW. I also spent a year and a half of my life getting my character to 80. I would know.

    • profile image

      Caleb S. 

      8 years ago

      WoW is much better then DDO, mainly because of the number of people who play WoW over powers the number of people who play DDO. It doesn't makes to play both when WoW is extremly better.

    • Deborah Donados profile image

      Deborah Donados 

      9 years ago from Portland

      Yes! WoW is fun for a while and then you're like OMFG, I have to tell the woman standing right next to you about this news? And that completes the quest? Whoop-de-do!

      DDO is fun, but I've gone old school: tabletop D&D.

    • Hope Alexander profile imageAUTHOR

      Hope Alexander 

      9 years ago

      I would give DDO a try, like you mentioned, its not anywhere near of a time suck as WoW, and it doesn't appear to have been designed to act almost entirely as a time sink. You can play with others from the moment you start really, so its a good option for people who like team play.

    • William R. Wilson profile image

      William R. Wilson 

      9 years ago from Knoxville, TN

      I might have to give DDO a try. I used to play D&D and AD&D with pencils and dice when I was younger but I gave them up for the same reason I have never tried WOW - they can be huge timesuckers.

      But I recently started playing Quake Live, a first person shooter that somehow hits my brain chemistry in just the right way to be totally addictive. I've enjoyed the teamwork part of it immensely, so I've been thinking of giving MMOs a try. DDO was one of the ones I've looked at and this hub makes me want to try it even more.

      Thanks for the review.


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