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DOTA Balanar guide

Updated on May 16, 2010
Balanar (ingame)
Balanar (ingame)

The night stalker is feared during many matches, but he's also a one-trick pony and not very good during group fights. Regardless, he's an extremely popular character for players new to DOTA, as he's very easy to learn how to play well. There's very little need for a player to read a dota guide for the night stalker. Balanar is also able to kill most characters at the right times if they're not great players. This hero runs at nearly the highest possible speed during the darkest hours, making it impossible for anyone to run from the dread lord without hoping he'll lose them in the fog.

Below is a starter Balanar guide for DOTA that should help you learn how to play the hero during a match. It's not a generic character overview, premade build or in-depth skills guides. You should check this resource over at (site shut down /cry) if that's what you're looking for.

Early dota

Balanar is fairly weak at the beginning of a match. You should be careful, and try not to be harrassed. Make sure you continue trying to last hit though! Call for a lane swap if your Night Stalker is being excessively denied creeps. Balanar requires experience early on to be effective and tower hug if you have to. Any early deaths will greatly impede your ability to do much damage to the dota enemy forces.

You can use your void skill to help harrass or gank with allies early on. Sometimes it may be useful, especially if you're laned with a hero like Luna Moonfang. However, once you hit level 3 with Balanar, you should save up the rest of your mana for the first night. Make sure you've been leveling your hunter in the night skill to be extremely deadly to whoever comes your way. Take at least one level of Void to slow, and possibly one of Crippling Fear if the enemy dota heroes have a lot of escape or stunning abilities.

First night: Don't take darkness just yet. Save it for the second day unless it is guaranteed to help you get a kill before the nighttime starts. You will usually be level 6 or 7 (on dota easy mode) by then. Starting roaming when night falls. Balanar can kill almost every other hero if they're not careful at this time with some Hunter levelups.


Continue roaming and trying for dota hero kills whenever possible. Max out your three abilities as soon as possible, then start working on darkness. You should probably invest in damage boosting items as well. At this point of the game the Night Stalker is still very effective, but you have to keep up with the other heroes and improve your damage potential.

If you've gotten many kills with the dota Balanar hero you'll find your enemies are playing warily. You won't be able to keep up a giant killing spree without some help from your allies or against newbies. Work towards getting items that help out in group fights if this is the case, like a Vladimir.

That concludes this DOTA Balanar guide. Have fun playing!

Your advice to his players?

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    • profile image

      Gkgg 6 years ago

      the items should be

      -sange and yasha





    • profile image

      z436 6 years ago

      this is the best dota HERO for meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Djoxilla 7 years ago

      wtf satanic battle fury and hart????

      man thats no use

      Balanar items are

      1.Phase boots




      now you can get heart if you want or radiance but i rly do not know becouse then is about end game.

    • profile image

      zzz 7 years ago

      You should actually get

      -cranium basher

      -vladmir's offering

      after this, play balanar 'pro'ly and youcan own the game...

      You could also get


      -battle fury




    • profile image

      suresh 7 years ago

      Level Void and Hunter first and get crippling fear. Don’t panic about first night so much, I have watched many weak balanars fail during the first night because they think they have to gank the entire team in 2 minutes or they are doing a bad job. Unless you are playing somebodies mum, they are well aware of the danger and will be acting cautiously. Use void to help farm, and get your ass home for shit shower and shave before night. Get some pots and hunt, but be aware – using the first few moments of first night for some quick farming will multiply your lethality and guarantee you a kill. With level four void you can Void –Hit-fear.. and the second void should finish them off. Retreat, sneak back into the bushes, farm some more, get your health and mana full again and repeat. He does very well as a hit and run ganker and it puts you much further ahead if you are time efficient with both Ganking and farming. My aim is to get two kills and farm HARD, rather than shooting for the moon and maybe coming out of it weaker if you miss. Anyway, however you choose to focus he is very strong during first night if you get your ass home and complete recipes, get pots, rather than try and just stay out. 50 gold is definitely worth having that extra void to kill and slow.

      With the night skill – use it!! during second day and drop the solo act for the team ganks. It stops time, so the more you use it during the day, the longer you have to wait until second night, but that is okay because once second night hits, use it constantly – 90% of the time I can stretch second night out until the game is over (I win of course).

      So yeah… In Pub games your teammates can often pack a sad if you don’t gank IMMEDIATELY when its night, but your farming and roaming abilities are so accelerated you will be growing stronger quicker than everyone else. Wait for the real opportunities, and smack those creeps up nonstop. If the game looks like it will drag out, use your night skill more because the worst position you don’t want that third day to come around

    • profile image

      I got notin  8 years ago

      Ok so I get:



      -asult(s&y is good if you'r a team player..but I play solo)

      -batte fury


    • Cactrot profile image

      Cactrot 8 years ago

      Good call on saving darkness for later. The other skills are much better