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DOTA Enchantress guide

Updated on May 16, 2010

All about the Dryad

Aiushtha is a popular DOTA sentinel hero. The enchantress has a wide range of abilities, making her useful in any team, and is also very friendly to both new players and people who like to solo. She can temporarily take over neutral units (much like Chen) and use them against your enemies. Slows targets, and their attack speed when they strike her. She can use wisps from the night elf forest to give herself and any nearby allies an ungodly health regeneration rate. Still not good enough? The enchantress also deals pure damage (unreducable) based on how far she is from your DOTA enemy.

This guide is about how to play her during a match. If you're a beginning player who needs more information on her skills, check out the Aiushtha DOTA page over on the clover site. There's also another nice (but outdated) hub over here that discusses an intermediate player's build strategy.

Enchantress Aiushtha
Enchantress Aiushtha

Early game as Aiushtha

You might want to grab yourself some boots. Chances are you'll be trying for a kill. Skip healing items unless you've got some weird strategy... your wisps can do the trick for you.

Find someone else to lane with. You can solo, but it's more if you don't. Your first or second skill should be enchant. It's very powerful & also very overlooked early on. Stay in the lane until the neutral creeps spawn, then start to roam a bit. You want to search their spots and enchant some creeps. You might also want to help harrass another DOTA lane with the Enchantress. You can use your creeps to help score a kill, ideally in a different lane than you're supposed to be. You could also use them to jungle, letting two of your teammates solo.

Take some time to learn how to play the Enchantress in DOTA. The early game is very easy for her, and there's a big learning curve if you want to do well later.

Which creeps to use?

There is one thing I'd like to touch up on in this DOTA Enchantress guide. Her skill, Enchant, can take control of any neutral creep... or even one of your enemy's if someone is running away. This is occasionally useful with the ranged druid and necromancer.

These are the best neutral creeps for Aiushtha the Enchantress to take over: Satyr Trickster, has purge (Super slow: the old Medusa ultimate and diffusal blade spell). Extremely useful in getting early hero kills. Satyr Hellcaller, does decent damage and has a small DPS shockwave spell like the DOTA Magnataur's. Kobold Taskmaster has a movement speed aura. Centaur Khan and the Ursa Warrior both have a small AOE stun stomp, and the Khan has an attack speed bonus aura. Troll Priest has the heal ability, which lets you save your DOTA mana instead of using them on the healing attendant wisps.

Use these creeps early on for an Enchantress advantage.


Got impetus? Welcome to the middle of your DOTA match. Find some heroes and use this skill on them, whenever possible. You don't have the mana to leave Impetus on auto attack yet, so carefully target enemies and hit the T key whenever they're not running at you. Impetus deals more damage based on the distance between the two of you.

If someone is running, and you can't catch up for a second hit, try running away from them too! It'll add to the damage once the enchantress spear strikes. During this time you should be concentrating on ganking with your DOTA allies. Impetus and enchant (for slow, and creep if helpful) will make other heroes fear yours.

Late game

Did you do well earlier? If so, grab some items to make yourself beefy and increase your DPS/mana pool. You can now leave Impetus on auto attack and play around. Improving your armor class will have a huge boost in your survivability, especially with your wisps healing. The enchantress also slows the attack speed of anyone who targets her.

Around this time the enemy heroes will be playing as a team, so you should too. During team battles you can either try to be the bait (greatly reducing the DOTA enemy's effectiveness), or approach from the rear. Impetus will be the killing blow for someone that way. They can't run away from you, as the easiest exit will be through the other heroes on your team.

If you didn't manage to get a lot of kills or keep enemy heroes low in levels, you'll have to be a little more resourceful. Clickies will help you be a better support character. I'm sure you already know what the items do, so I won't go in depth about them in this DOTA Enchantress guide. Have fun!


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      my item build is:







      it is very much effective try it.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      are you insane joke easy normal insane ak ak :p

      for enchantres, may first item is secret but the second

      and late game item i will tell you ak ak,

      second item pasteboots try to think why this is the second item?

      its efective.

      late game use guinzoo for mana and and many impitus

      equip on the chicken ak ak.

      this is may build butterfly but not connected on enchantres ak ak

      the butterfly is only my idea, because much better if

      you use mana on encha, like guinzoo linkenpark orchid and bloodstone, i am dashgold that defeting the minesky.

      by: dashgold


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