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DOTA Hero Tips: Beastmaster

Updated on June 16, 2012

One of the few DOTA strength heroes who can be an effective carry is Beastmaster. In addition, he is a decent ganker as well due to his last skill. If you managed to farm and purchase Aghanims Scepter at the mid stage of the game, the opposing team will definitely have a hard time stopping you from disabling and killing their carry. Beastmaster carry such name since he can summon two monsters to aid him in battle. The first one is a hawk which has a very wide sight and is perfect for scouting. The other one is a boar with a crippling attack. Only a few DOTA heroes can successfully escape if caught by Beastmaster’s boar. His first skill on the other hand requires a lot of practice to use it effectively. The skill allows Beastmaster to harass opposing heroes and farm at the same time. Here are some guidelines for you to know what to do in every stage of the game while using Beastmaster.

Early game

Your starting items must depend on what lane you are assigned. In some cases, Beastmaster is placed on the mid lane so he can level faster and have his last skill as soon as possible. After upgrading this last skill, he will leave the lane and start ganking. If this is what you are planning, buying a crow and bottle is imperative. This will also provide you an opportunity to bottle runes and use them as you gank. Spam your first skill and make sure you hit all the creeps and heroes on the lane. This won’t be easy for a beginner yet you’ll somehow get how it is done after a couple of tries. If you decide to stay on the bottom or top lane, upgrading summoning your hawk and boar is a must. Position your hawk on fogged areas of the map so you can easily avoid enemy ganks. This hero is item dependent so farm hard.

Mid Game

Don’t stay on a lane during this stage of the game. Roam and use your last skill as much as possible since it has a low cooldown rate. Don’t worry about not killing creeps to farm since the bounty from eliminating enemy heroes will satisfy your need for money. Always initiate ganks with your last skill particularly if there are many nearby enemy creeps. Roar will clear the path making it easier for your melee allies to hit on your target.

Late Game

By now, you should have collected luxurious items from your ganks during the mid game. If you failed to do so, you’re definitely in big trouble. Nonetheless, your last skill will still play a big role during clashes. At this part of the game, a single clash among heroes can decide it all so be cautious in using your last skill. Target the enemy carry. Use your boar to greatly lessen his fighting capabilities. Your hawk can also help you know if there are some enemy heroes waiting in the sideline. Positioning and correct timing are great factors in winning a late game clash. If possible, purchase a force staff or kelen’s dagger to make sure you are in the right place at the right moment.

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