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DOTA Hero Tips: Clockwerk Goblin

Updated on June 20, 2012

Most strength heroes in DOTA rely on their absurd amount of hit points and health regeneration to be effective. However, there are some who do not and Clockwerk Goblin is one of them. This strength hero is a great initiator and chaser. Although being a strength hero somehow gave him enough hit points to tank, Clockwerk Goblin rarely take such kind of role. His main concern is to harass enemy heroes during the early stages of the game, collect a couple of kills during the mid game, and targeting the enemy carries on team clashes. Nevertheless, it’s definitely easier said than done. Always remember that melee heroes such as Clockwerk Goblin needs to take a few damages while killing enemy creeps especially if most enemy heroes harassing skills. What is the best approach in playing Clockwerk Goblin? What should you do in every part of the game?

Early Game

Clockwerk Goblins first skill is particularly very effective during the early game. It can even lead to a first blood if used properly. This skill also made him a great chaser as it causes enemy heroes to be stunned on certain time intervals. Its damage is greatly felt during the early stages of the game where only a few enemy heroes have high hit points and health regeneration. Clockwerk Goblin’s third skill is also a great way to harass enemy heroes even those that are not on your lane. It’s a global skill so you can cast it on any part of the map where you think a fleeing enemy hero is heading. Only experienced Clockwerk users can efficiently land a hit using with his third skill so you should practice more if you really want to use this hero better. During the early part of the game, your main goal must be to harass and if possible kill enemy carries. Your first and third skill will greatly help you do so. Rushing boots of speed is not a bad idea as it can help you use your first skill effectively. Items that can help boost your mana regeneration are must haves as well. Urn of the Shadows in particular works well with this hero.

Mid Game

Most DOTA players say that Clockwerk Goblin’s effective gradually lessens as the game progresses and enemy heroes start buying items that greatly boosts their health points, armor, and magic resistance. There might be truth behind this claim but you can avoid this situation from happening by purchasing the right items. Focus on items that add great amount of physical damage if you observe that the opposing team purchased items to counter your skills. Radiance is a good choice but only if you can purchase it fast. This item’s effect won’t be so effective in the later part of the game so you should consider buying Battle Fury or Monkey King Bar if you have doubts about your farming abilities.

Late Game

Your effectiveness on this part of the game will entirely rely on how your performance during the early stages. If you successfully grabbed a couple of kills, you won’t find it hard to purchase items that can support on the late game. Clockwerk Goblin can also tank. However, his true power lies on chasing opponents. With his last skill and first skill, it’s almost impossible even for the most agile heroes to escape.

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    • Alma Cabase profile imageAUTHOR

      Alma Cabase 

      9 years ago from Philippines

      He sure did. They somehow have the same set of skills. I play League of Legends too and it's pretty fun as well. The only thing I hate about it is the fact that you need to purchase heroes.

      Thank you for commenting.



    • thranax profile image


      9 years ago from Rep Boston MA

      Well I guess this little guy inspired League of Legends yordles.



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