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DOTA Hero Tips: Crystal Maiden

Updated on June 23, 2012

Crystal Maiden boasts one of the most powerful single-target, disabling skill in the game. The effect of her second skill lasts longer compared to most stunning skills in DOTA. The cool-down rate is pretty low as well, not to mention the fact that being an intelligence-type hero gave her enough mana points and regeneration to spam the skill. Her third skill on the other hand is a global aura which grants ally heroes bonus mana regeneration. Most players disregard this skill yet it can be game breaking especially if most of your allies are spammers. Maxing this skills early on the game could greatly help you allies spam their skills and be more effective on their respective lanes. Crystal Maiden’s last skill made her also effective during team clashes. It’s a channeling spell which is why most professional DOTA players purchase Black King Bar to stop anyone from interrupting her last skill. I know most of you are now eager to use Crystal Maiden after knowing how powerful here spells are. Nonetheless, intelligence type heroes including Crystal Maiden are not easy to use. Here are a couple of tips to help you perform better in every part of the game while using Crystal Maiden.

Early Game

Crystal Maiden will only be effective during the early stage of the game if she has a good lane partner and if you purchase the right items. While deciding what items to purchase, it’s important that you consider what enemy heroes you are up against and their possible builds. In most cases, Crystal Maiden is assigned to purchase observer wards. These wards may seem a waste of cash but they are very useful to keep your lane safe from ganks. One of the best features of Crystal Maiden is that she doesn’t need powerful items to be effective. Your role is to spam your skills and work together with your lane partner to pressure enemy heroes and kill them if possible. The best partners for Crystal Maiden are those that can cause great amounts of physical or magic damage early in the game like Ursa Warrior and Stone Giant.

Mid Game

This is where Crystal Maidens ganking capabilities will shine. With her first and second skill, killing at least one enemy hero during ambushes is assured. You don’t need to farm so just roam and keep the enemies guessing where you are. As much as possible, always hide on fogged areas. Enemy heroes on all lanes will hesitate to push knowing that you’re not visible in the map. Let your team’s carry last hit enemy heroes. Nonetheless, if you accidentally kill a few and gained a considerable amount of cash in the process, buying items for better positioning such as Kelen’s Dagger and Force Staff is a good idea. These items can help you not only defensively but in chasing enemy heroes as well.

Late Game

Your work is done during this stage of the game. By not, the team’s hitter most likely have a set of luxurious items thanks to your support. Like what I have said earlier, Crystal Maiden can be effective even without any item on her inventory. Nonetheless, an Aghanim’s Scepter greatly increases the damage of her last skill making it even more dangerous during team clashes. Mekansm and Pipe of Insight are also good supporting items. For survivability and added man points, Bloodstone is also a good item pick for Crystal Maiden.

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    • NC4Life078 profile image

      NC4Life078 5 years ago from United States of America

      Great Hub! I never thought of using a BKB to protect while channeling. But, unfortunately she is quite squishy and is usually the first target to physical damage in a team fight. I would say Blink is optional. If you have Anti-Mage or any other chaser such as Chaos Knight, I don't see its usefulness.

      I learned how to play DOTA with CM, she is a great hero especially early game (as you stated a good lane partner is everything). Unfortunately, if you play AP games a lot of people pick counter hero's to feed off you. I'm curious, what kind of boots do you choose when you play with her?