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DOTA Hero Tips: Goblin Shredder

Updated on June 20, 2012

Goblin Shredder is one of the few DOTA strength heroes that greatly rely on their skills to eliminate enemy heroes. What made Goblin Shredder very dangerous is the fact that almost all of his skills affect an area which only means he can deal damage to several heroes with one cast. Nonetheless, Goblin Shredder is not a good pick for inexperienced DOTA players. His skills require a good sense of timing to be used effectively. In addition, you need to be sensitive in using his skills as well since Goblin Shredder has very low mana points and regeneration. This is not a surprise since strength is his main attribute. Most of you may think that Goblin Shredder is better as an intelligence type hero as he highly depends on his skills but don’t you know that being a strength hero made him even stronger. His third skill allows him to take even the strongest physical or magic attacks with ease. Because he can survive longer during team clashes, it gave him more opportunities to spam his skill and greatly damage enemy heroes. If you are planning to use Goblin Shredder in your next DOTA game, here are helpful tips on how to use him effectively in various stages of the game.

Early Game

Goblin Shredder often starts slow. Being a melee hero made it hard for him to kill enemy creeps without being harassed. Moreover, he has low mana points and mana regeneration so it’s not possible to spam your skills at this stage of the game. Your main goal is to simply survive this stage. Items that boost your hit points and health regeneration are very important. A stack of tango and one healing salve are must haves in your inventory. If the enemy heroes on your lane are excellent harassers, upgrading Goblin Shredder’s third skill should be a priority. Just be patient and kill as much enemy creeps possible.

Mid Game

By now, you should already have Arcane Boots to support your great need for mana. Goblin Shredder is a great ganker given you have enough mana. His last skill alone is enough to kill most intelligence and agility type heroes. However, you need to carefully decide where to cast your ultimate skill. Chasing won’t be a problem since your second skill can aid you on this matter. Staying on a certain lane is an insult to Goblin Shredder’s innate ability to gank so get out there and shed some blood!

Late Game

Spam your skills during team clashes! Goblin Shredder can slice off the opposing team’s hope for a victory with his insane survivability and high skill damage. He is very annoying mainly because he is so hard to kill. If the enemy team decides to ignore you, they’ll greatly suffer from your skills. Your ultimate skill to be particularly can deal great damage especially if the enemy heroes near it are moving. Cast it behind enemy heroes so they’ll think twice about escaping. Buying items to increase his skill damage such as Veil of Discord and an added AOE damage effect like Radiance will even make Goblin Shredder effective during team clashes.

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