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DOTA Hero Tips: Guardian Wisp

Updated on June 18, 2012

Guardian Wisp is one of the few DOTA strength heroes whose main role in a game is aid teammates providing them with great buffs and keeping them away from harm. As a strength hero, he can decently tank as well. A supporter who is very hard to kill can certainly be a pain for the opposing team. However, only a few use Guardian Wisp. Some say he lacks attack skills while others claim that he can be neglected all throughout the game. I highly disagree since I’ve seen professional players used this hero and cleared the path towards victory for their team. He may not be the star yet his presence in the game was greatly felt. Guardian Wisp is not a hero for players who just started playing DOTA. Nevertheless, if you are really interested in learning how to effectively use this hero, here are some important tips about your role in every part of the game.

Early Game

Professional players who use Guardian Wisp won’t occupy the mid lane. He is a great support hero so why taking the either the bottom or top lane is a must. Aside from his support skills, Guardian Wisp can also harass enemy heroes with his second skill. Hitting enemy heroes with such skill may not be easy yet its usage can be mastered through constant practice. If used effectively, it can even lead to successful kills early in the game. Aside from the skill’s damage, the enemy heroes are also slowed in the process. Like any other hero, Guardian Wisp’s effectively during the early part of the game not only depends on your skill but also the starting items you purchase. Healing potions are optional but items that can help boost his mana points and regeneration is a must. You don’t need health regeneration since his last skill allows you to go back in the fountain and heal up. Your main role during the early part of the game is to support your team carry. With your set of skills, you can increase his movement speed and instantly teleport him away from harm.

Mid Game

Map awareness is important on this stage of the game. If your teammates are administering an ambush, you can instantly teleport in the battlegrounds using your last skill and help them grab those kills. Guardian Wisp is an effective ganker as well especially if paired with the right heroes. Any hero with huge physical and magic attacks are perfectly matches Guardian Wisp’s skills. Keep in mind that this hero lacks attack skills so his partner should supplement his weakness.

Late Game

Sad to say, Guardian Wisp won’t help so much during team clashes. However, purchasing Mekansm and/or Khadgar’s Pipe of Insight will somehow make you more relevant. On this stage, your main role is to guard your carry. Your eyes must be on his life points during the clash. Once it turns red, teleport with him on the healing fountain using your first and last skill combo. The best feature of this skill is that you’ll be teleported back on the battlefield after a few seconds so it’s basically like a resurrection. The only big difference is that you and your teammate do not need to die in the process.

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