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DOTA Hero Tips: Phoenix

Updated on June 21, 2012

Phoenix is a strength DOTA hero who can serve his allies not just through tanking. His first skill allows him to chase enemy heroes with ease or go away from danger. The second one can cause a high amount of damage to a certain target while healing his allies. Phoenix is also feared particularly by agility and intelligence heroes due to his third skill which can deal insane amount of damage at the cost of his own life. I know most of you might think that using his third skill should be pondered upon carefully but spamming it is actually a good idea since you can always use his last skill to regenerate all your life back. His skills all work together and correspond to each other’s weaknesses. This is probably why Phoenix is gradually getting famous in pubs nowadays. However, efficiently controlling this hero in every part of the game is not as simple as it seems. To give you a clearer idea on how it is done, here are a few important tips that must be considered.

Early Game

The effectiveness of Phoenix during the early part of the game entirely depends whether you bought the right starting items or not. It’s wise to base your decision on what heroes you are up against in the lane. If they are good harassers or spammers, you purchase items that increase your hit points and health regeneration. As a standard, buying at least a stack of tango and one healing salve is imperative. In most cases, these potions are enough for you to survive longer in a lane. Phoenix is a ranged strength hero so bullying you is almost impossible. Nonetheless, don’t be overconfident since there are still a couple of heroes out there who can out-lane you with ease through their skills or high initial base damage. Phoenix is often tasked to babysit the team carry. You can heal him with your second skill and keep enemy heroes at bay with your third. Your first skill can also be used as a blink mechanism perfect for both offense and defense.

Mid Game

Professional DOTA players think of Phoenix as an excellent ganker. His first and last skill alone can do the job. Blink near enemy heroes then cast your last skill. The DPS caused by Phoenix’s last skill will surely lower the hit points. If they failed in killing you before a certain period of time, you’ll be resurrected with full hit points. Casting your first skill again and your third will most likely finish the job. Never use your second skill on your own. You are a strength hero so you are not an easy target. Always look at your carry’s hit points and heal him if needed. We should never forget that DOTA is a game won by excellent teamwork. You may die often while following this kind of strategy yet it’s for the team’s welfare.

Late Game

In this part of the game, your work of protecting the team’s carry is done. If you did a great job, you don’t need to worry since it can somehow guarantee success. Just let the carry do his job. As he purchased luxurious items thanks to your help, he will eventually end up unstoppable. However, your role as a tanker and support remains. Purchasing life boosting items such as heart of tarasque and vanguard is a good idea. However, a pipe of insight is much preferable if most enemy heroes rely on skills to deal damage.

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    • Alma Cabase profile image

      Alma Cabase 5 years ago from Philippines


      Good point! But that is only an effective strategy if you are confident about your last hitting skills and enemy heroes on your lane are not harassers or good starters. Honestly, I suck at last hitting especially with ranged heroes. haha

      Thank you for liking me hub. People like you inspire me a lot to make more.



    • Djaak profile image

      Djaak 5 years ago from Johannesburg, South Africa

      I don't agree, you have to get radiance first. After that heart is fine but you have to go for radiance under 20mins. If you learn to do that, phoenix is unbeatable! But thanks for the article, ws very interesting.