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DOTA Hero Tips: Rogue Knight

Updated on June 18, 2012

Rogue Knight is a hero worth picking if you are searching for one who can eliminate multiple enemies in a blink of an eye. With Rouge Knight’s second skill, enemy heroes close to his target while take a percentage of the damage. His first skill is an AOE stun which made him even more effective in dealing with a group of enemy heroes. This DOTA hero is also a good chaser as his third skill grants him increased movement speed in a brief period of time. Nevertheless, the skill which made Rogue Knight one of the most famous strength heroes in DOTA is his ultimate, God Strength. As long as you purchase the correct items and use his skills at the right moment, Rogue Knight can single handedly turn the tides of the battle in favor of your team. To help you be more effective in using Rogue Knight, here are a few things that you should know regarding his role in every stage of the game.

Early Game

Many beginner DOTA players rush a bottle as Rogue Knight’s starting item. This is a good idea only if you are assigned on the mid lane. Rogue Knight is hard to kill as he is a strength hero and bullying him early on is almost impossible especially if the user purchased enough health boosting items. The best thing about Rogue Knight is that he can actually be effective during all stages of the game if paired a good hero. A Rogue Knight and Viper tandem is almost unbeatable. With Viper’s extreme crippling capabilities Rogue Knight can land more hits and eventually kill even the toughest enemy heroes.

Mid Game

Rogue Knight can get rid of even the mightiest tanks with his ultimate skill. All he needs is a boost in movement and attack speed to do so. This is why many Rogue Knight users who play in pubs purchase Mask of Madness. However, this item should be utilized with outmost precaution. Always remember that you’ll absorb more damage if this item is activated. If possible, only use it if you have enough mana points left to cast a stun. This will stop opposing heroes from hitting you in the process. You should be a part of every gank. Rogue Knight’s stun will surely make any ambush easier. Moreover, with his third skill chasing enemies will be a breeze.

Late Game

This is where the true hitting power of Rogue Knight is really needed. You are a semi-carry so be sure to purchase items that boost your attack speed and physical damage such as Buriza-do Kyanon, Monkey King Bar an Battle Fury. One good aspect about having a cleaving attack is that you can still hit enemies with dodge skills or purchased items that forces enemy heroes attacking them to miss. The trick is to target a hero who doesn’t have any form of dodge. Let the cleaving effect hit on the others. This is the main reason why we can often see Rogue Knight attacking the enemy tanker first during a team clash. It may look like a beginner’s move but the opposing team will eventually realize that what you did caused them the defeat.

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