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DOTA Hero Tips: Stone Giant

Updated on June 18, 2012

Stone Giant is one of my favorite Heroes in DOTA. This hero is one of the few strength heroes who basically depend on his skills to kill. Only a few agility and intelligence type heroes can survive after receiving a direct hit from Stone Giant’s first and second skill. If Stone Giant managed to purchase a Dagon Scepter early in the game, the opposing team will definitely have a hard time countering his ferocious attacks. What most of us don’t know is that Stone Giant can be an effective tanker as well. His third skill provides a chance of heroes attacking him to be stunned for a brief period of time. This skill alone made Stone Giant very hard to kill aside from the fact that he packs a lot of hit points by being a strength type hero. Another interesting feature of this hero is that his last skill not only improves the damage of his second skill but drastically increases his physical attack as well. There are a few Stone Giant users who use him as a semi-carry. With his earth-shaking blows, eliminating even the toughest tankers in DOTA is a piece of cake. However, to use Stone Giant effectively, one should devote time and effort in practicing his skill combination. In addition, you must be familiar about his role on every part of the game. To assist you on this matter, here are a couple of simple yet proven effective guidelines.

Early Game

Stone Giant is usually assigned in the mid lane as he is level dependent. This is the only way for him to have a head start and upgrade his skills as early as possible making him a much effective ganker during the mid part of the game. In this situation, rushing a crow and bottle combination is a must. Stone Giant needs a considerable amount of mana to cast his skills often so an Arcane Boots is imperative. You should aim to gather as much experience and gold possible during the early stages of the game. Stone Giant owns the mid game and he can only be at its best if you farmed enough.

Mid Game

By now, you should have a Dagon Scepter. With your first skill and second skill fully upgraded plus the burst damage offered by Dagon Scepter, Stone Giant can assure a kill especially if most enemy heroes are intelligent and agility types who don’t carry items that increases their hit points. Most Stone Giant users use Kelen’s Dagger to make positioning a lot easier. Nonetheless, buying such kind of item must be carefully though upon. We should never forget that Kelen’s Dagger does not add any stat. Why not purchase a force staff instead? Aside from giving you the ability to move from one place to another instantly, it adds intelligence and attack speed points as well. These stats are what Stone Giant needs. Like what I said earlier, Stone Giant rules the mid game. Just roam around and kill as many heroes possible. Never stay on a certain lane. Keep the pressure up until your team’s carry have enough items to eventually finish the game with ease.

Late Game

Stone Giant will remain effective during the late game. However, his skills won’t be as useful since enemy heroes definitely did a few adjustments on their builds to cope with Stone Giant’s absurd magic damage. You don’t need to be extra strong in the late game since your team’s carry will do almost everything. You gave him all the time in the world to farm so this is the stage of the game where he’ll show his might. Just support him with your skills and eliminate a couple of supporting enemy heroes if given the chance.

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