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DOTA Hero Tips: Tauren Chieftain

Updated on June 20, 2012

Often than not, the primary role of strength heroes in DOTA is to tank. This is not the case if we talk about Tauren Chieftain. Surprisingly, Tauren Chieftain has a decent set of AOE skill perfect for team clashes. Sad to say, being an effective Tauren Chieftain use requires a lot of practice so it’s definitely not a hero for DOTA beginners. His first and second skill combination needs good timing and map awareness. Moreover, a new DOTA player will also find it hard to land a hit with Tauren Chieftain’s last skill as it affects a certain area and not a specific hero. Nonetheless, if used properly this hero can bring upon serious damage to the opposing team during a clash. His first and second skill is a perfect way to disable enemy heroes and buy allies some time to have a better position while casting their spells. DOTA players who aim for double or triple kills will surely love Tauren Chieftain. If you are interested to know what this hero’s roles are during every stage of the article, you should read further.

Early Game

Tauren Chieftain is rarely assigned on the mid lane yet it’s not a bad idea to do so. His set of skills allows him to be a decent ganker in the mid part of the game. Bullying him won’t be easy as well given he is a strength hero and has boasts high hit points and health regeneration. Your starting items should focus on mana regeneration. A few clarity potions will do the trick. It’s also wise to consider a flying courier and bottle combo if you plan to occupy the mid lane. The effectiveness of this hero entirely depends on how much you can spam his skills so do your best to farm during the early stages of the game so you’ll have enough cash to purchase mana boosting items.

Mid Game

By now, you should already have an Arcane Boots. This item alone can provide Tauren Chieftain decent mana points to cast all his skills in succession. Tauren Chieftain is a very effective ganker as he can cast his fist and second skill even while on the side lines where enemy heroes can’t see him. If you land a hit with his first and second skill combination, you’ll most likely hit them with his last. Most intelligence and agility heroes won’t survive this barrage of skills from Tauren Chieftain especially if they are not carrying items that can boost their life points. A Dagon Scepter is also a good item for this hero as it adds intelligence points, boosting his mana points and regeneration in the process while adding burst damage to his arsenal. Kelen’s dagger is also advised in certain situations especially if most enemy heroes have good escape mechanisms.

Late Game

This is where Tauren Chieftain shows his supremacy. Your team will surely win every clash if you manage to cast Tauren Chieftain’s skills at the right moment. Wait for all the enemy heroes to be in place. Patience is very important in using this hero since most of his skills have high cool down rate. Be sure to cast his skills on an area with the most enemy heroes. If possible, the team should assign someone who’ll act as bait so Tauren Chieftain can land his skills perfectly. Probably one of the best features of Tauren Chieftain is that you don’t need luxurious items to be effective. Just use all his skills effectively and your team is a step closer towards victory.

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    • Alma Cabase profile image

      Alma Cabase 5 years ago from Philippines

      @jdrogerso1 Thank you for liking my hub. Too bad this hero is often banned in captain mode..Hahaha.He's one of my favorites as well.



    • jdrogers91 profile image

      Jimmy Rogers 5 years ago from Muscatine, IA

      Probably my favorite Hero right there. Good Hub! Makes me want to start up WC3 and get my DotA on.