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DOTA Hero Tips: Treant Protector

Updated on June 19, 2012

Treant Protector is a strength type DOTA hero who can take various roles depending on what the team needs. He can be a great tanker while purchasing specific items will enable him to be a hitter as well. Treant Protector boasts a very high base damage so all you need to do is improve his attack speed and you can act as the team’s hitter. His third skill is also important in supporting ally carries. It provides every ally hero added health regeneration giving them and Treant a better chance to survive early game harassment. Treant Protector is infamous due to his devastating ultimate skill. It is an AOE disabling skill which made it perfect for team clashes. If casted at the right time, your team will find it easier to eliminate every enemy hero. Both DOTA professional players and beginners love this hero. However, only a few are truly aware about his great potentials. Here are a few guidelines as to what Treant Protector’s role is during every part of the game.

Early Game

You won’t find it hard to last hit creeps with Treant Protector due to his high base damage. Moreover, he can take a considerable amount of punishment as his third skill greatly increases his health regeneration and armor. Bullying this hero is almost impossible with his second skill which also provides health regeneration for allies while damaging the target. With this set of skills, Treant Protector is often used as a babysitter. An ally hero carry will definitely farm faster with Treant Protector by his side to aid him. This is your main goal during the early stages of the game. Help your team’s carry survive and farm. If he’s in deep trouble, use your first skill to hide him. Treant Protector’s last skill can also be used as an escape mechanism.

Mid Game

Treant Protector won’t help so much during ambushes if you do a support build. However, he should join ganks if no other hero in the team can act as a hitter. In this situation, you should purchase items that greatly boost attack speed such as hyperstone or mask of madness. The latter is suggested since it also provides movement speed boost perfect for chasing. You don’t need to worry about taking extra damage due to mask of madness’s effect since Treant Protector is a strength hero. I find this build much effective since most of Treant Protector’s skills won’t cause decent damage and are plainly for support. You should deal decent physical damage to help the team eliminate tankers and other heroes who have high hit points and armor.

Late Game

Treant Protector’s last skill will play a vital role during this stage of the game. If casted appropriately, it can disable enemy heroes and provide room for your team to acquire a better position. However, don’t forget that this skill won’t stop enemy heroes from casting their skills. If possible use Treant Protector’s last skill when most of the opposing team’s disabling skills are already casted. It’s true that Treant Protector’s ultimate skill is game breaking but it can be useless and may even threaten the whole team’s safety if casted carelessly.

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    • thecrazzykylex profile image

      Crazzy Kylex © 2012 5 years ago from Incredible India!

      I see that you have been covering on DOTA more, rather a lot! But... 'll you please cover more on stuffs related to comic books? Actually, that's what hooked me up (to you). I really like it. I'm waiting :)