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DOTA Hero Tips: Tuskarr

Updated on June 20, 2012

Are you looking for a strength hero who has excellent initiating skills? Tuskarr is definitely the perfect hero for you. There are three requirements for a hero to be a good initiator. First, he must have skills that can either slow or disable a group of enemy heroes. Second, he should have an innate blink mechanism. Finally, he should be able to take a considerable amount of damage. In this role, enemy heroes will most likely hit on your hero first so he should have decent hit points, armor, and health regeneration. Tuskarr possess all these requirements. His first and third skills are great for stopping enemy heroes from escaping and weakening their battle capabilities. Tuskarr’s second skill not only teleports him to a certain location but also carries ally heroes along the way. Being a strength hero gave him a better chance of surviving a barrage of enemy attacks and made him a very effective initiator. Nevertheless, DOTA is not won by simply picking the best heroes. You need to know your role in the team. A beginner in DOTA will find it hard to figure out what Tuskarr should do in specific stages of the game so here are some guidelines to help you out.

Early Game

Tuskarr is a strong starter. With his first and second skill, killing enemy heroes is possible especially if he is paired with a hero that has a stun or any disabling skill. Heroes like Skeleton King, Rogue Knight, and Dragon Knight goes well with Tuskarr. You don’t need to worry about being harassed since you have decent health regeneration as a strength type hero. What you greatly need are items that boost mana points and regeneration. Tuskarr greatly relies on his skills to be effective so purchasing a couple of Clarity Potions and rushing Perseverance which you can later on upgrade into a Battle Fury is a good idea. Your main goal on this part of the game is to pressure enemy carries and kill them if given the chance. Never allow enemy heroes to freely farm. Engage on a clash early on as only a few heroes can match Tuskarr on this stage of the game.

Mid Game

Don’t just stay on your lane and farm! Start roaming and assist losing lanes. Use the element of surprise to render even the mightiest enemy heroes useless. The best thing about Tuskarr’s second skill is that you can cast it at good distance. Your enemies won’t see an ambush coming if initiated by Tuskarr. After landing from your Snowball, cast your first skill at once to stop them from escaping. They have no other choice but to fight. There may be a chance that they’ll overpower you but your third skill will assure that they won’t. Finally, use your last skill to finish them off. Only a few heroes will survive this combo. If a hero who has various damaging or disabling AOE skills comes with Tuskarr during ambushes, double or even triple kills is assured. Just keep on pressuring enemy heroes until they end up staying on their base. This will not only hinder them from farming but also provide your team’s carry to farm safely.

Late Game

If you performed well during the early and mid part of the game, all you need to do is watch your team’s carry do the job. Nonetheless, you are still helpful during team clashes. Just make sure to purchase the right items. There are no specific items for Tuskarr since it entirely depends on what enemy heroes the enemy team is controlling and what are their respective builds.

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