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DOTA Hero Tips: Ursa Warrior

Updated on June 16, 2012

Having high Hit Points won’t matter at all if you are up against Ursa Warrior. He can even kill Roshan at level one with the help of any hero. Ursa is feared by many DOTA players as his skills enable him to eliminate even strength heroes in seconds. He is also a semi-tanker as his last skill requires items that boost his hit points to be effective. The only negative aspect of Ursa Warrior is that he tends to be useless during clashes. He doesn’t have any skill that can disable or stun an enemy. His first skill may slow enemies in an area yet he needs to get close to the enemy group for it to work. Ranged heroes who can silence, slow down, or stun Ursa Warrior can easily kill him. Good news is that there are several items that can somehow eliminate these disadvantages. To help you be control Ursa Warrior even better, here are a couple of guidelines on what you must do during every part of the game.

Early Game

Despite being an agility type, Ursa Warrior can dominate the early game. You should max his second and third skills as soon as possible. If you are paired with a hero who has several disabling abilities, then killing enemy heroes on your lane won’t be a problem. The key in making Ursa Warrior effective during the early part of the game is to have as much movement speed possible. Enemy heroes who are well aware about Ursa Warrior’s killing capabilities will definitely run away. With a higher movement speed and an ally who can either slow or stun the target, a kill is almost certain.

Mid Game

Once you have at least one of his core items, get out of your lane and start ganking. Kill Roshan as soon as possible! Ursa Warrior can easily kill him even with just a Vladmir’s offering. You should join ganking and clashes during this stage since this is where you’re highly effective. Enemy heroes at this point of the game still does not have decent hit points so you can devour each one of them in seconds. Given you pumped up your movement speed early on, chasing them won’t be a problem as well. Ursa Warrior does not need to farm as his kills are enough to provide him with gold and purchase some important items later on.

Late Game

The opposing team won’t be a threat during the late game if you harassed them early on. Nonetheless, if you failed to do so, you can still turn the tides of the battle in favor on your team by simply targeting their support heroes. Their hero carry by now definitely have butterfly, manta style, or lothar’s edge making them so hard to kill. Let your intelligence hero allies take care of him. Your role is to instantly kill enemy heroes whose main role is support their carry with healing or disabling spells. You can also target tankers as they are simply paper-like in front of Ursa Warrior.

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